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The Six Best Backpacks For College In 2022



Six best Backpacks

Backpack is one of the most essential needs of almost anyone who goes thorough college or university life. Not only students use the backpacks, but also people who travel frequently.

One question that arises in mind that what are the criteria to observe while buying a backpack? Well, this is what we actually are going to answer you.

In this guide, we are going to let you know the important facts about backpacks so you may not be misled by someone while buying it. So, lets unbox our list of six best backpacks for college in 2022.

1. Fjallaraven Kanken Backpack

The Kanken backpack is made of durable and reliable polyvinyl, which comes in a range of trendy colors. If you prefer modern style and looks, then you should go nowhere else but invest in this Swedish variety.

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Apart from the main compartment and a zippered front pocket, there are also two side pockets in the bag for storing water bottles etc. Additionally, the straps are adjustable enough to fit as per your body.

The Kanken backpacks are not only stylish to wear but are also comfortable, reliable and cost-effective.

Some Features:

  1. Material used: polyvinyl
  2. Colors: black, olive green, ochre yellow.
  3. Adjustable shoulders straps.

2. Everlane Renew Transit Backpack

The next product in our list is Everlane Renew Transit Backpack, which comes in top-rated backpacks. The Everlane Renew transit Backpack is made of fully recycled polyester which comes in four different colors.

This backpack has water-resistant finish which helps in its protection against undesirable weather. This bag is designed for students as well as for commuters.

This item comes with a main compartment plus an additional side-zip padded laptop sleeve that can fit a laptop sized up to 15 inches. Furthermore, it features both internal and external water-bottle compartments.


  1. Material used: Recycled polyester
  2. Available in four colors.
  3. Water resistivity.
  4. Extra compartment for laptop.
  5. Water-bottles compartments.

3. The North Face Borealis Backpack

One of the noticeable backpacks is the North Face which is perfect for every college campus. The Borealis backpack is classic model that is mostly used by school students.

This slim backpack features a durable nylon shed with a fleece-lined 15 inches laptop sleeve in its compartment. Aside from its main compartment, it also has two side pockets which are frequently used for water-bottles.

Additionally, there is also an external pocket for small objects like sunglasses or wallet etc.  Furthermore, the comfortability is also noticeable due to padded straps and back of the bag.

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  1. Material used: nylon
  2. Removable straps
  3. Comfortable straps.

4. JanSport Cool Student Backpack

The name JanSport backpack always arises when we talk about best backpacks for college, because it has all the features students need for while going to college.

This classic-backpacks are available in more than 20 colors. Apart from its simple and stylish design, this backpack is also reliable as it is made from polyester with a synthetic leather bottom and trim.

This backpack features two main compartments for carrying your laptop, books and other personal belongings. Like others backpacks this one also contains two side pockets for water-bottles. Luckily, this backpack comes with life time warranty.


  1. Material used: polyester with leather bottom.
  2. Available in 20 colors.
  3. Lifetime warrantied.
  4. Padded straps with ultimate comfort.

5. Vera Bradley XL campus Backpack

If you want to be unique among the rest of the students in your college, then the Bradley XL campus backpack could be a perfect choice because this one comes in a variety of colors.

The unique feature with this backpack is that they could be washed with no worries as they are made from washable quilted cotton and are large enough to accommodate your laptop and books easily.

Not only that, this backpack comes with a number of compartments including padded pocket for laptop and front zippered pocket. The padded straps ensure that you are always comfortable.


  1. Material used: washable cotton.
  2. Colors: different varieties.
  3. Padded straps.

6. Carhartt Legacy Standard work Backpack

The Carhartt legacy Standard work backpack is made from high quality and durable polyester treated with water repellent, and also features an abrasion base.

Carhartt is well known due to its high quality, this backpack features main compartment with 15 inches laptop sleeve for other objects like tablets etc.

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There further two zippered pockets on the front. Additionally, there are side pockets where you can organize your water-bottles easily.  According to customer reviews, this backpack is highly durable and versatile.


  1. Material used: polyester
  2. Can accommodate up to 15 inches laptop.
  3. Versatile and durable.
  4. Padded straps.


In the final lines of the article, let me remind you that most often students need backpacks for their colleges but they cannot decide straight away as to which one should they buy.

Keeping this aspect in mind, we have just let you go though Six of the best college backpacks. After reading this guide, you would be able to buy the backpack that best suits your personality.

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