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The Perfect Indoor Plants Keep To Lighten Up Tough Monsoon Nights



Indoor Plants

The monsoon season is one of the best times to enjoy the thick greenery vegetation when coming from the blazing summer season. With the heavy rains, it is challenging to commute to the forests and mountains just to be close to mother nature. And plants really thrive in the cold and humid temperatures, adorn your home with the perfect plants to bring the monsoon sensation. There are many plant species from which to choose for your indoor garden solutions like Duranta, Marigold, and Hibiscus. With the best app for flower delivery, anyone can get the best blooms for their home hassle-free. In this post, we share the perfect indoor plants to lighten up the tough monsoon nights. Read on.

First things first

It is essential to know the right way to take care of plants during the season. Here are some monsoon plant care tips. Carefully inspect the pots for cracks before watering. It helps make sure that all your plants will not wilt in between the much-spaced watering schedule. And also make sure to use pots with proper drainage. Keep your plants in well-ventilated and sunny spaces. Remove weeds and spray pesticide once a week.


The Duranta plants are a popular scene as decorative hedges for many outdoor space decorations. It is a foliage plant that grows into a thick tropical shrub even in summer. Create a greenery aura in your home with a potted Duranta plant’s blooms that have alluring creamy white, blue, and purple flowers. Keep your plant in shape by trimming off the excess foliage.


The Plumeria plant is one of the most vibrant plants that bring out the monsoon season to life. They are available in a myriad of colours. And they also thrive in areas with minimum sunlight, so you can place your plant in any spot. Use a blend of Plumeria colours to give your home a balanced colour background.

Bonsai Gulmohar plant

Also known as the Flame Tree, the Gulmohar plant produces mesmerising orange and red blooms in the monsoon season. They grow to a height of 40 feet, which makes it sound strange to add indoors? Right! Well, not as such – bring the exquisite style and vibrancy of the Gulmohar plant to your home with a Bonsai version of the plant.


Plant care is important. But if you do not have the time to tend to them, that does not mean that your home should not have plants. The Marigold plant is one of the best monsoon plants that require minimum maintenance. The plant produces colourful blooms with contrasting green foliage. Add a dash of the vibrant Marigold blooms and aromatic scent to your home.


Also known as the bee plant and spider flower/plant, are species of the Cleomaceae family. They grow into a small-leaved tall stem structure with colourful blooms like purple, white, pink, and red. The stunning plants make a great home decor addition to the windows and door areas. Welcome your visitors with the love, care, happiness, and express it with the bubbling cleome blooms.

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Are you looking for a plant that boasts wide leaves and striking blooms? Then you should consider the Hibiscus. The plant is known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, you can place it on your balcony. It’s a plant with vibrant flowers with an amazing trumpet shape. You can also create a stunning greenery environment with various colour options like yellow, red, and peach.

Fern plant

Fern plants are one of the satisfying plants to see in the monsoon season. They thrive in the high humidity and heavy rainfall, producing an enticing and green appearance. Ferns can survive the tough weather conditions, anyone can easily plant and nature for ferns. Decorate your corridors, living rooms, kitchen, and balcony to give your home a fresh green feel.

In Conclusion

Spruce up your home decorations with plants potted in stylish vases printed with a name and various other designs and colours. Search for a trusted florist with an online platform where you can buy plants online in Chennai and arrange delivery. Check and compare site user-friendliness, prices, plants, vases, and delivery flexibility.

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