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The Life As Nukiknowws



Who is Nukiknowws?

Nukiknowws is a member of the gaming community as well as the YouTube community. To be more specific, he is a gamer who competes in electronic sports and who also specializes in strategy.

What is Nukiknowws Real Name?

Those of you who are familiar with Nukiknowws thanks to his website must be intrigued to learn that he goes by his given name. In actuality, he is known by the name DeShaun Perkins.

Nukiknowws Age and Birth place

Nukiknowws was born on February 28th, 1998. That makes him 24 years old. The gamer, who stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite this, he was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the better part of his youth.

What Kind of Things does Nukiknowws Enjoy Doing in his Spare Time?

That Nukiknowws is the proud parent of a three-year-old named Laylani Perkins might surprise you. He thoroughly enjoys the time that he gets to spend with his daughter. He spends a substantial portion of his time caring for her and seeing her comfort.

In addition to that, one of Nukiknowws’ pastimes is to participate in gaming competitions and tournaments hosted in Tallahassee, Florida, in order to donate money to organizations that support young people.

What is the Current Status of Nukiknowws’ Romantic Relationships?

At the present time, Nukiknowws is romantically involved with Jaylyn Palmer. The two people have been together for close to three years at this point. On the other hand, his daughter is from Amber Young. However, the two of them are no longer together as of 2019.

Where Does Nukiknowws Stand Currently in Terms of Its Operational Capability?

As of right now, Nukiknowws is serving in the capacity of CEO for the LzZz Gaming Community. “Leading games with innovative techniques and suggestions” is the company’s catchphrase, and it also serves as the company’s motto. Additionally, Nukiknowws ensures that it abides by the principles outlined in this statement.

What is Nukiknowws Streaming Schedule?

Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Multiverse, Fortnite, and Call of Duty are among the games that are broadcasted on the Nukiknowws channel. During this time, he broadcasts live every Sunday at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Who are Nukiknowws Favorite Streamers?

Even though he is well-known and well-liked by a lot of people, Nukiknowws still has some streams that he particularly enjoys watching. He is a big fan of AceU and iiTzTimmy.

What exactly are these “Achievements” that Nukiknowws keeps track of?

He is now in first place in the LzZz Gaming Co Prize Pool Tournament, having amassed a record of 12 victories while suffering no defeats. Red Bull Gaming has extended a potential sponsorship deal to Nukiknowws. However, it has not yet been confirmed.

In Apex Legends, Nukiknowws is currently ranked #15 in the top tier list for Crypto Main, and they are currently leading with an impressive 230,000 kills. He is currently ranked #12 on the list of the most amazing gamers in the state of Florida.

Every single dime that is donated to Nukiknowws is given to the Youth as well as people who follow his stream.

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