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The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022



Did you know that 64% of marketers think video marketing is too difficult to create? But sadly, they are unaware of the benefits of video advertising. For example, video marketing is consumed more than other types of marketing.

So if you’re looking to expand your business, then keep reading this guide to the best video marketing trends of 2022. We promise you won’t regret it!

1. Live Streaming Videos

The power of real-time content is the reason live streaming has become so popular. Luckily, platforms like Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram all allow users to engage in live video content.

Live video also allows users to send messages directly to the creator. And then the creator can reply in real-time.

And it’s benefits like these that are the reason that live video is so popular in 2022. And although this type of video advertising is more casual, it still allows people to connect on a deeper level.

2. Movie-Like Videos

A lot of marketers stray away from high-quality videos because they don’t have the space or resources to make them. Luckily, there are studios like eon clinic, that allow you to rent out a space. And this space is equipped with everything you will need.

Overall, these kinds of videos do extremely well because everyone appreciates a high-quality video with a good message. And you don’t need to rent out commercial space on TV for viewing.

Instead, you can post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Doing so will save you hundreds but you will still get the exposure.

3. Vlogging Videos

One of the best marketing to come out of YouTube is vlogging! These types of videos feel very homey and they allow viewers to experience an everyday routine. And you may be thinking, isn’t vlogging just for personal lifestyles?

And the answer is no! More brands are vlogging more than ever. It’s a fun way to show viewers how their brand operates on a day-to-day basis. And it allows the viewers to get interpersonal details on brand updates, team members, and even giveaways!

4. Q&A Videos

A simple sit-down Q&A video is a great marketing tool because it allows the audience to voice any concerns/questions without having to go through customer service.

This type of video also does not require too much editing or crazy shots. All that is needed is a good background and a few questions. And many brands have caught on to this trend. In fact, they will do live Q&As so that customers can interact in real-time.

5. Animated Videos

Last but not least, we have animated videos. And although these types of videos do require film knowledge, they are a great way to explain a product or service.

Animated videos are also fun and creative which attract more views. And they are YouTube friendly so may even get monetized for them.

The Best Video Marketing Trends Made Just for You

All of these video marketing trends have great potential. So start by having a plan of action of what you want to tackle first. Then, you can start making the best videos.

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