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The Latest Cannabis Essentials That Every Stoner Must Have



An overwhelming majority of Americans support legalized marijuana.

As smoking cannabis use becomes more mainstream, so do the gadgets and accessories available for both casual and seasoned stoners. If you want to get the most out of your high, a well-loaded arsenal of cannabis products is crucial.

If you’re looking to expand your smoking horizons, we’ve got you covered with a rundown of today’s cannabis essentials. From stone-cold classics to new innovations, these products will help you take your high to the next level.

Read on for some inspiration.

Electric Grinder

If you enjoy smoking cannabis, its more than likely that you already own a herb grinder to process your weed for your joints and bong-hits.

While hand grinders are a huge time saver by themselves, why not speed up the process even further with a battery-powered electric grinder.

Available in both tabletop and portable models, this handy gadget will save you plenty of time and unnecessary wrist strain.

A Quality Water Bong

Every self-respecting stoner should own at least one quality glass bong. Let’s face it – you don’t want to go through the entire ritual of rolling a joint every time you want to get high or medicate.

Whether you choose a glass, acrylic, or even a bamboo bong, this device is guaranteed to make your smoking experience more convenient.

Water bongs are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, so shop around to find the perfect bong for you.

Rolling Tray

If you’re sick of making a mess on your couch or coffee table, a rolling tray could be the perfect accessory for you. They help you contain all your product to an easy-to-clean and store acrylic, metal, or wooden tray.

Some rolling stays even come equipped with separate compartments for your other cannabis products, as well as your stash itself.

Rolling trays are perfect for stoners who enjoy nothing more than relaxing with a fully equipped rolling station at hand.


The best marijuana strains have one thing in common: their unmistakable scent. If you want to carry your herb around with you, investing in a high-quality container for your cannabis makes sense.

While cannabis is becoming more and more socially acceptable, most establishments won’t appreciate you visiting their premises with overly pungent cannabis products in your pockets.

All kinds of secure containers are available, even ones with a built-in magnifying lens for your viewing pleasure. Click here for more information.

Your Must-Have Cannabis Essentials

As this guide demonstrates, enhancing your high could be as simple as investing in a few cannabis essentials you never knew you needed.

With this shopping list in hand, you’ll have fun expanding your smoking arsenal and reaching new heights when smoking cannabis.

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