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The Importance of Orthodontists for Kids



kids orthodontist

People usually get uneven teeth when they’re young because of different factors like having extra teeth and small jaws or habits like tongue-thrusting and thumb sucking. Parents who need their children’s teeth checked or fixed need to consult an orthodontist specializing in kids.

You will need a kids orthodontist to have your kid’s teeth inspected to figure out a good solution to the problem. Even if they don’t have uneven teeth, it would be wise to take them to the orthodontist to resolve potential teeth issues before it becomes a bigger problem. This will save your kids’ teeth from becoming a detriment to their daily lives in the future.

As children grow, there are different areas within their bodies that might not develop correctly. The teeth are one of the areas that have the potential to grow imperfectly or misaligned. Parents can help avoid this issue by stopping their kids from sucking their thumb or teaching them how to drink from a glass instead of a baby bottle as early as possible. But there are instances where teeth problems are unavoidable, so the best solution is to go to an orthodontist for kids.

Eliminating Overcrowding Teeth

There are various ways an orthodontist can help a kid’s teeth. One is to solve the crowding of healthy teeth. Placing braces is the best solution for children with crowded teeth. This issue happens when teeth clump up and may rotate in different directions. Overcrowded teeth can sometimes lead to several problems like difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene, such as brushing or flossing, so make sure your kids visit an orthodontist to avoid issues like this.

Fixing Abnormal Bites

Orthodontists can also help children who have abnormal bites. This refers to the way a child’s teeth appear when they have their jaws closed. You have the underbite where the top-front teeth are behind the lower ones, the open bite where the lower and front upper teeth don’t touch, the crossbite where the upper front teeth fit behind the lower teeth when the mouth is closed, and lastly, the overbite where the frontal teeth overlap with the ones in the bottom. This problem can also be resolved by installing braces on the affected teeth.

Reducing the Risk of Protruding or Chipping Teeth

Children that have protruded front teeth don’t have enough lip cover to shield their teeth in the event where they fall or hit their face on a hard surface. Most kids are energetic and tend to move around a lot. Even if your home is childproofed, the outside world isn’t the same. With the help of braces, protruded teeth can be pulled back to make them look normal.

Correcting Speech Obstruction

May it be adults or kids, it can be annoying when speech is distracted because of teeth problems. Misaligned teeth are one common cause of speech obstruction for children. A misaligned upper and lower jaw usually leads to a whistling sound when they try to breathe through their mouth.

Don’t let your children be afraid of visiting a kids orthodontist. It is essential to keep your children’s teeth healthy and problem-free as soon as possible otherwise; they could suffer bigger problems when they grow up. The earlier you let them visit, the lesser they’d be worrying about how their teeth will look like when smiling.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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