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The Ideal Kitchen Layout in 2022



Can you believe that the average American spends about 400 hours a year in their kitchen?

This is why having a convenient and modern kitchen floorplan is so crucial. If the space is cramped and disorganized, you might find yourself eating out more and more instead. When done right, a kitchen can be the best place in the house to create life-long memories with your loved ones.

Are you wondering how you can transform your kitchen into something to be proud of? Keep reading to learn all about the most ideal kitchen layout to have in 2022.

An Enclosed Yet Open Space

When it comes to your kitchen design, you should try to nurture a space that is enclosed yet feels as open as possible. It may even be necessary to knock down a wall or two. This might sound drastic at first but you’re sure to fall in love with the results.

Another way you can make the space feel more open is by opting for wall shelving instead of bulky and clunky cabinets. Cabinets come in handy, of course, but too many kitchens rely on them for every aspect of storage.

Don’t forget to pick warm and inviting kitchen colors to accentuate the openness of your space.

Add Multi-Use Functionality

If you’re on the fence about kitchen placement, then you should consider the other ways you use your kitchen or could use it if you had the right setup. Nowadays, it’s common to use a kitchen to film cooking videos on YouTube, to sit at the kitchen island and do homework, and many other things.

One way you can encourage multi-use is by having an extra-large island that expands into a table. That way, you can have some chairs for people to relax and chat as you cook, for instance.

No matter what design you ultimately choose, be sure to work with a General Contractor who is trustworthy and experienced.

A Custom Coffee Station

Many people can’t imagine waking up in the morning with at least one cup of coffee, if not many more than that. Instead of taking up valuable counter space with your coffee-maker and coffee-related items, you can build it into the kitchen space.

Not only will this be more convenient but it’ll also look much more aesthetic. If you’re not a big coffee fan, you could do the same for your juicer and other similar appliances.

Are You Ready to Get the Best Kitchen Layout?

Now that you’ve learned all about the most ideal kitchen layout to have in 2022, you can make sure your space is as convenient and modern as possible. That way, you can entertain plenty of friends and family members throughout the new year and beyond.

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