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The essentials for a casual chic look



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Casual chic is a word that can very easily be misunderstood in today’s world of fashion. Fashion is a broad subject with many aspects. It can range from the usual pieces such as, pants, shirts and womens raincoat to more complex pieces and accessories. Having gotten more than enough exposure on fashion blogs and websites, no one seems to give a clear description of what casual chic is. So why don’t we stumble through it together?

What is Casual Chic?

Most people will tell you that casual chic is all about blending formal and streetwear fashion and they’re correct. A point that a lot of them miss, however, is that all of this needs to result in a stylish look that looks like it took minimal effort to put together. It’s the way Cameron Diaz might easily pull of a womens raincoat that you might struggle to pair.

Believe me, that is all you need to put in mind. The first picture that comes to mind for me is what people wear on weekends, either heading to a hangout, a date, going to school, etc. This is true for both men and women mind you.

Remember you don’t need the priciest of products go through your wardrobe and start with what you have. The beauty of this style is that it doesn’t rely on trends, it focuses on the essentials that will always be in fashion. Here are a few essentials of the casual chic look that can transform your style immediately:

1. The Pea Coat

A pea coat is an accessory that anyone fashionable should have in their wardrobes. Trust me, a quality pea coat that fits can make you feel like a model in the Paris fashion week. Try it next time, throw on a pea coat on top of your most casual outfits and you’ll email me how it transforms even the simplest of casual wears.

The safest route to take in terms of color is usually neutral-toned colors that will blend with almost everything you own. Don’t be shy to have two or three to suit the different seasons.

2. Try Dark Denim

A sure way to pull off a casual chic correctly is always having the right pair of jeans. The right wash color of your denim jeans is what will distinguish between a more casual look and a much chicer one. I picture light denim as something you would wear on a summer outing with friends or something you would have on when going to the grocery store.

For a more chic and sleek look, go for the dark blue and if possible black denim which will blend especially well for evening or night events. The good thing is dark jeans can be paired with literally everything in your closet, from womens raincoats to a Peabody jacket. You can never go wrong with these.

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3. Layer your clothing

Layering clothes as opposed to having individual pieces is a key element in modern style. The key here is to have strong individual pieces to ensure you have the freedom to experiment with different combinations. A nice t-shirt might suffer on its own, but throw in a sweater or a nice blazer, and all of sudden you’re turning heads down the street.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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