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The Brief and Only Garage Decluttering Guide You’ll Ever Need



Though your residential garage may be able to house two cars, it’s likely filled to the brim with old bikes, boxes, and equipment. Talk about a waste of space.

Like many Americans, you likely hid the mess by keeping your door shut. Even when hidden, clutter can negatively impact your mental health.

Whether you intend to store your cars, set up an outdoor workshop, or want to get things in order, garage decluttering is key.

Is the clutter in your garage stressing you out? If so, keep reading for some of the best tips to help you gut your dirty garage and get it in working order.

Clear It Out

Before you can start organizing, you’ll want to clear everything Build a Garage. While some heavy or permanent features will have to remain, removing everything else can help you narrow down what you want to keep.

By starting with a clean slate, you’ll be more apt to think about what items you’re putting back rather than trying to weed out what’s already in there.

Plus, if you’re planning an entire garage renovation, including new flooring from Garage Force, having your space emptied will make the process easier.

Divide Everything Up

Once you have everything out of your garage, you’ll want to divide your items. An easy way to do this is by making piles of things you’ll keep, items you’ll donate, and trash.

This is a great way to go through your items and think about what you do and don’t need. Though some items may seem like they’ll come in handy down the line, if you haven’t used them in years, you should discard them.

Invest in Organizational Tools

Once you’ve thinned out the number of objects you have, you’ll need somewhere to store what you’re keeping. Many opt to purchase heavy-duty metal shelving, as they can hold a substantial amount of weight.

You can also purchase storage bins to hold equipment, tools, and other items you keep in your garage. If your containers aren’t see-through, you can go as far as labeling the contents for easy access.

Prevention Is Key

After your garage is in order, you’ll need to stay on top of it to prevent having to declutter in the near future. Ensuring you throw away unnecessary items and keeping your space organized makes you a smart homeowner!

An easy way to keep your items organized is to give every object a home. This step helps ensure you know where your items are when you need them and prevents them from accumulating in random areas.

Garage Decluttering Made Easy

No matter what your reason for cleaning out your garage is, you’ll want to ensure you do it properly and thoroughly. Only skimming the surface of clutter can be a waste of time, as there’s no real difference.

Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of friends and family to get the job done quicker! You’d be surprised how many are willing to help in exchange for some pizza or drinks afterward.

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