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The Best Certifications for Tech Professionals



Tech Professionals

If there’s one thing to take from the COVID-19 pandemic, upskilling is always a good idea. Unfortunately, many businesses have had to let employees go for adaptability’s sake and not necessarily any fault of theirs. The world isn’t in normal times. But with 5G and IoT technologies increasing in adoption, new opportunities are arising to facilitate a new normal. Here are the best certifications for all tech professionals who want to prepare adequately for the world’s new normal.


As connection density and worldwide availability of devices increase, the need for secure and resilient cloud solutions can never be a miss. As a result, cyber security for both individuals and businesses has become essential now more than ever.

About a thousand data breaches were recorded last year, and companies of all sizes are seeking to tighten their critical infrastructure. So it’s not surprising that there were half a million job openings for cyber security professionals in different capacities last year. If you want to take the opportunity of this upward trend, Nex-GenT can be a great option. It features a curriculum focused on real-world skills.

It also uses a hands-on approach facilitated by a committee of chief information security officers. These experts handle a wide range of topics necessary to make you a full-stack security expert. The curriculum comes with many Next Gen networking opportunities, making it easy for students to integrate into the working world with less friction. Many NexGenT have already made it to top companies like Samsung, Lyft, etc.

VCP-DCV: VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization

As data technologies advance, companies are increasingly pushing for virtualized work environments. Compared to the traditional network, network function virtualization allows for seamless data sharing across a company’s multiple data warehouses. So, instead of feeble tax envelopes, which make it hard for tax return review, businesses opt for virtual files to make the process more manageable. This certification allows data professionals to administer, consolidate, and deploy VMware virtualization technologies.

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

Experts predict it may take a long time for the business world to return to pre-pandemic levels. Thankfully, modern businesses now have intelligent next-generation systems to generate analytics for efficient decision-making. With many businesses seeking agility and scalability in their operations, the need for optimum management of information and business risks at the workplace has become crucial.

CRISC exams test candidates in five IT areas: assessment, identification, mitigation, response, control monitoring, and reporting. It works best for IT professionals with about three years of experience seeking upgrades and promotions. Successful CRISC holders earn up to a hundred fifty thousand dollars per year.

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Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Google’s certified professional cloud architect accreditation needed less than five years to secure a spot on the highest-paying IT certifications list. Via the Google Cloud Platform, IT experts can up their worth as certified experts. Professional cloud architects develop and manage resources on the platform with a more profound knowledge of Google’s technology solutions.

Professionals with this accreditation can expect an average salary of over hundred and seventy thousand dollars per year. Keep in mind that this accreditation may not have official prerequisites. But Google recommends at least a year of industry experience.

Amazon Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS provides businesses with servers, storage, networking, remote computing, mobile development, and cloud security. As a result, its adoption isn’t only increasing in volume but in the range too. From retailers to public health, several organizations are now part of AWS’s over one million users.

In 2020, Amazon Web Services reported over thirteen billion dollars in revenue. The ACSAA keeps rising in demand, mirroring all the successes Amazon has chalked with its AWS innovation. If you have hands-on experience Web Designing and managing AWS resources, ACSAA is a great way to show. To get this accreditation, candidates must pass the SAA-C01 exam administered by PSI centers across the United States. Certified Amazon architects averagely earn about $ 149,000 each year.

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