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The Benefits of Installing Split AC Units



According to a report by the EIA, more than half of your home’s energy use stems from heating and cooling.

So, if you’re considering replacing your air conditioner soon, it makes sense to do your homework before you decide. The decision you make at this point will affect your pocket for years to come.

Here’s why split AC units offer the best value for money when it comes to staying cool this summer.

Quick, Easy, Silent Operation

You can operate your mini split air conditioner with a remote control device from the comfort of your couch. It also cools your spaces swiftly for added convenience.

They’re silent operators, making them ideal for bedrooms, offices, and boardrooms where you don’t want a noisy air conditioner disturbing the peace.

The outside condensers are a little noisier than the units, but you can install them out of earshot a few feet from your house if you want to.

It’s Easy to Install Split AC Units

Mini split air conditioners are an easy add-on to existing homes, as well as houses that can’t accommodate ducted air conditioning. The absence of ducts also means it’s quick and easy to install mini-split air conditioners.

Your installer only needs to create a small space in your wall for the copper tubing and the control wing to pass through. You can even install these air conditioning systems on a flat section of your roof in some cases.

Since there’s so little work involved, you’ll pay a lot less on labor costs when it comes to installing a mini-split AC.

Cost-Effective Benefits of a Split AC

Apart from cheaper installation, this kind of air conditioning system also uses a lot less energy to keep your home cool. That’s because they can distribute air more efficiently than a central air conditioner and are only geared to cooling one space at a time.

Many of the newer models have motion detectors that signal them to switch off in empty rooms, too.

Since they use a lot less energy to cool your home, you can easily connect your ductless air conditioner to your home’s solar power system.

Attractive Looks and Discreet Design

Mini-split air conditioners have a discreet, clean design that blends seamlessly into your decor. They’re petite units that won’t spoil your views as an unsightly window unit does.

Emits Pure Particle-Free Air

Apart from all these other great benefits, many of the latest mini split AC units have the added advantage of working as an air purifier.

They remove dust and pollen from the air inside your home, eliminating the risk of developing any eye irritations, allergies, and headaches associated with these particles.

Keep Your Cool

With the advent of rising energy costs, split AC units are fast becoming the preferred choice for savvy homeowners. After heat pumps, they’re the most effective and easiest way to stay cool every summer.

Add to that their pure air benefits, low cost, and low maintenance aspects, and you should seriously consider this option for your home.

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