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The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Firearm



Are you brand new to guns and want a non-political guide to help you with buying a firearm? You have come to the right place. Buying a gun is never easy, especially if you have no idea what to look for.

Millions of people from all walks of life have bought guns, despite their stigma. Modern responsible gun ownership is more important than ever to ensure everybody’s safety. Here is the ultimate guide you need to go shopping for guns if you want to do it the safest way possible.

Buying a Firearm Safety Rules

Before purchasing a firearm, your first step is to learn some critical gun safety rules. You must commit to these wholeheartedly to ensure that accidents do not occur. The first rule is to always treat every firearm as loaded.

You should always do this even if you know that it is unloaded. Then you need to remember to only point the gun at things you are happy to destroy. Once the bullet leaves the chamber, you lose all control. You will never know where it may hit.

Then you should also think about stray bullets and where they land. Therefore, it is always beneficial to practice shooting targets in a large open space. This way, you can always be aware of who is around you to avoid hurting anyone else.

Besides aiming at a target, you should also know what is behind it. Are you willing to destroy anything behind or around your mark? Then it is safe for you to fire the shot.

Otherwise, you should always ensure that a powerful bullet will not hit anything you do not want it to. Finally, only put your finger on the trigger when ready to fire. If you are nervous or unsure, you should always keep your finger away from the trigger.

Modern firearms of high quality, like the ones you see on Even if you bump or drop them.

However, the majority of gun accidents are caused by human error. If you strictly follow the abovementioned rules, you can prevent accidents while shooting targets safely.

Avoid Becoming Too Relaxed

You may feel comfortable and complacent when you start shooting your first firearm. The more experience gun owners have, the more they relax the rules.

This is a huge mistake because you should never be stubborn and complacent as a gun owner. Keep reminding yourself of the regulations to guarantee the safety of those around you.

If you are at the shooting range waving your barrel in the wrong direction, do not be surprised if someone yells out “muzzle discipline” to remind you to be careful.

Once a gun is in your home, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safely locked away from children or others who can get to it. Being mindful of the rules will spare you severe legal punishments if you carelessly leave a loaded gun around a child.

Basic Steps and Gear

If you want to progress from someone who has never bought a gun to protecting yourself and being responsible, you should try to look the part. The first step is to go to your local shooting range or gun store to work with an instructor.

They can help you fire some weapons before choosing which one to buy. Alternatively, you can also go with a friend you trust. They should have the experience to teach you everything with their gear.

While shopping for guns, you should check if the firearm you have in mind comes with a wire safety lock. This should loop around the magazine and chamber.

This feature will make it impossible to fire the gun by accident to help you get the feel of holding it first. Look for a carrying case or storage to transport the firearm safely.

If children are living with you, a lockbox is crucial to keep your weapons and ammo out of the wrong hands. You should buy a few hundred rounds to practice with when you buy ammo.

These will help you get to know your weapon better. It is okay to buy cheaper rounds until you successfully learn the ropes.

Education Is a Must

Always read the owner’s manual to learn how to make your gun safe. It will teach you how to unload or load it. It will also mention the manufacturer’s tips for breaking it in and performing a field cleaning, which is the maintenance you must do after an exciting day of shooting.

While shopping for guns, you should also pick up some eye and ear protection if you do not wear sturdy glasses. It also helps to sign up for some beginner’s lessons.

You can schedule a one-hour lesson a week at a shooting range that conducts organized classes. Owning a firearm is not about being a gun-slinging marksman.

All you need to do is feel proficient enough to safely use the gun no matter where you are. However, you should never pull out the weapon during an emotional situation. Spend some days learning the basics about shooting and maintaining your firearm.

How to Buy a Firearm?

You can purchase a firearm either online or in person. There are shooting ranges and gun stores that will let you rent different guns to get a feel before buying.

When purchasing guns online, you should always find a legit source. As a new shooter, you may not be aware of bad deals.

Always ask for help and try to purchase a new weapon instead of one used up and old. Guns go through much wear and tear, but you will feel more confident using a new firearm that is your own starter weapon to become acquainted.

Legal Process

The first step is to check the laws in your area. Find out the right age to buy a firearm for hunting. You should also ensure that you have never been convicted of a felony or been declared mentally incompetent.

You should also not use any drugs or medications that impair your ability to act responsibly with a firearm. In most cases, you will need to undergo a criminal background check.

This should involve filling out a form at the store. This form will be run through a federal database.

Some states may require a “cooling off” period where you pick your gun, pay for it, do the background check, and wait a few days before taking it home. If someone is angry and walks into the gun store, they will have to cool off and not commit their intended crime.

Basic Ammo

The whole point of owning a firearm is to make chunks of metal fly and hit a target. Therefore, you need the proper ammunition. Many people call bullets a “round,” like a round of drinks.

However, others use the word bullet as slang for the entire cartridge. A bullet is a part of the round that shoots down the barrel through the air to hit your target. During this firing process, you will see that other bits from the round are left behind.

They get ejected as waste. Other parts of your round are the casing made of steel, brass, and plastic housing that brings it all together.

Every round has gunpowder in it that is ignited using a primer. Ammo from a shotgun is slightly different since it fires several projectiles instead of a single bullet.

A shotgun is the best option if you want to hunt birds. Otherwise, hitting a bird with one pellet would be too challenging.

It is better to fire numerous pellets at once that will spray outwards to cover a larger area. Even with a shotgun, you will find the same principles. It will have gunpowder and a primer, launching projectiles down the barrel.

How Do Guns Work?

Your firearm will work as a car engine. The fuel needs to be put into an enclosed space called the piston cylinder. Then the enclosed fuel needs to be ignited with spark plugs.

Explosions will create energy and gas that will expand outwards quickly. Since a firearm is an enclosed space, think about where all that gas and energy will go.

Engines are typically designed so that energy and gas can only go in one direction, thus pushing the piston away from an explosion. The force that drives the piston away is what turns tires and the axle.

The same concept of creating a blast in a tight space with only one way out is what guns are all about. When you pull the trigger, a mechanical striker hits the primer on the bottom of your round.

This sparks an explosion in the casing. The explosion then pushes against the back of your bullet. This forces it to separate from the casing. Then the energy keeps building as it drives down the barrel.

When this happens, you can see small flames coming out of the end of your barrel as the bullet escapes. The flames will be the excess gas burning off quickly now that there is space.

Buy Your First Firearm Today

Now that you know the basics of buying a firearm, it is time to shop for guns the right way. Always remain alert and take classes or ask for help if you are unsure about handling a weapon.

Remember to keep your firearm locked safely away from children at home and always use a wide-open space for target practice. Then you can limit the risk of stray bullets hitting other people.

If you enjoyed reading this purchasing a firearm guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.

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