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The Barcode Scanner Reader: Different Ways to Read Barcodes



The barcode, or Universal Product Code, first appeared on a grocery item in 1974.

Since then, the barcode has spread across various industries to mark nearly every single product in creation. A barcode scanner reader helps to eliminate human error in the supply chain.

A barcode consists of a pattern of black and white lines that run parallel. The bars represent digits, as well as sometimes symbols or letters.

To read a barcode, you must use a barcode reader. A barcode scanner is able to read the barcode from the image of the black and white lines it scans. The scanner does this by using a light source and sensors that measure light reflected back from the white spaces in the parallel bar pattern.

To accomplish scanning a product, there are several different ways to read barcodes.

Pen Reader

Much like the name sounds, a pen reader is in the shape of a small wand or pen. The tip houses the sensor. To read a barcode using a pen reader, you need only drag the tip of the pen across the barcode in an even sweep.

The downside to a pen reader is that it is a sensitive and delicate tool. You must press the tip of the pen reader against the surface the barcode is on. From there, you must swipe the pen reader across the barcode with an even and slow motion. Otherwise, the pen reader won’t be able to get an accurate reading of the barcode.

Laser Scanner

The laser scanner is what you most often see in use at grocery and retail stores. They are often either mounted or hand-held.

A laser scanner is also capable of reading a barcode from a greater distance. Depending on the device, a laser scanner can read a barcode from 6 inches all the way up to 30 feet.

As the name entails, a laser scanner uses a laser as its light source. The laser beam must travel across the barcode to process it.

Charge-Coupled Device Reader

Otherwise known as a CCD reader, this device uses hundreds of light sensors. These sensors are in a formation that’s a single row and act in unison to measure light reflecting off the barcode pattern.

Camera Reader

A camera reader makes use of a camera or video option to capture the image of the barcode. It then decodes the barcode pattern.

The camera reader is similar to a CCD reader. However, where the CCD scanner uses sensors arranged in a single row, the camera reader has a sensor arrangement that’s two-dimensional.

If you do have a saved image of a barcode that you need to read, there’s also the option of a barcode reader in c#. This will enable you to read multiple barcodes contained in a single scan, PDF, or multi-frame Tiff file.

Find the Right Barcode Scanner Reader for You

If you’re in need of a barcode scanner reader, then know that there are a multitude to choose from. The type you decide to go with will all depend on the type of work involved and the distance of the scan required.

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