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Technological Advances with Dental Handpiece that Impact Your Everyday Dental Practice



dental handpiece

Dental handpieces have come a long way, becoming a vital component of modern dentistry. It remains a fundamental device in a dentist’s armament that can enhance everyday dental tasks and increase efficiency. This handy piece of equipment has been upgraded and redesigned with the latest technologies throughout the years.

These days, the dental handpiece market is almost as varied as most technological offerings with highly accurate and refined features. Not only does it augment the process for a practitioner, but it also makes dental visits convenient for patients.

It is also worth noting that technology is the moving force behind these indispensable tools. It is, therefore, important to choose the right tool to ensure smooth everyday operations. A dental handpiece directly impacts your dental practice and something you should consider when looking for new tools for your clinic.

The Introduction of Air-driven Handpiece

Six decades ago, the first air-driven handpiece appeared, revolutionizing the dental industry. This advancement changed how professionals work with their ability to prepare a person’s teeth to receive restorative materials.

This technology replaced the belt and pulley drill, which was uncomfortable to a patient and slow and difficult for a dentist. When high-speed air-driven dental handpieces were introduced, dental practitioners worked more quickly to minimize tooth trauma.

Notable refinements to the technology, including an ergonomic design and smaller heads, make it easy for practitioners to access a patient’s tooth. The turbines were also made quieter and bur-changing more effortless.

Electric Handpieces Brought an Extra Convenience

Electric dental handpiece had something its predecessors did not have. It had variable RPM, meaning it had constant torque for consistent speed and a concentric bur chatter to polish and cut through a dental structure.

It also had the versatility of both the high-speed air-driven and low-speed units. Rolling all essential functions into one means that you get the efficient power of a dental handpiece rolled in one rigid unit.

Given its ability to let professionals access the appropriate RPM and attach various contra-angles with a particular gear ratio, it allows a dentist to perform multiple procedures without constantly changing the torque settings.

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Air-driven Handpieces with Auto-torque Controls 

Air-driven and electric handpieces have had such improvement over the last couple of years for steady power, maximum cutting, and superior control. The air-driven handpiece incorporated two new technologies – the Speed-Sensing Intelligence (SSI) and Superior Turbine Suspension (STS.)

The addition of these two new features provides dental experts with equipment that harnesses high-speeds and superior torque. Performing complex dental procedures such as cutting through enamel or sectioning through different restorative materials like metal or zirconium are now painlessly done.

These technologies’ extra benefits are automatic power optimization, constant power control, speed adjustments, and maximized cutting capabilities. Air-driven handpieces with automatic torque controls operate at a maximum speed of 330,000 rpm without any deflections or bur chatter.


Dental handpieces are constantly evolving with technologies that make work faster and increase efficiency. These advancements continue to drive better patient care and keep the dentistry business alive.

Ergonomics and design in new handpieces also reduce major conditions among practitioners, including repetitive stress injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions. The drive for better equipment is one of the major factors why people have become more conscious about their oral health.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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