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Streaming Your Church Services? Here’s What You Need to Know



Youll need typical church supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the way people interacted and worked for several months. Families, organizations, and churches sought new ways to reach members and stay connected.

It heightened awareness about the challenges of attending social functions if you’re elderly or immunocompromised. Approximately 10 million adults in the United States have weakened immune systems, which means they’re susceptible to infections. To reach members, some church services online their streaming. Churches planning to start or continue streaming services should be aware of their streaming options and potential risks. Read on to learn what you need to stream services and why you need these resources.

You’ll Need Typical Church Supplies

Whether you’re leading communion or celebrating Advent, you’ll need typical supplies for your services. Online services may affect where you stand to ensure you’re in the video. Still, you can stream all typical church events, including services for special occasions, such as a Confirmation service or baptism. Use your church supply outlet to acquire baptism supplies, Bibles, hymnals, teaching resources, Advent candles, handbells, crosses, banners, and seasonal decorations for your services.

You Can Protect Your Online Services With A Dedicated Server

You can protect your online services with a dedicated server

Everything online has a host. Many websites have shared hosting. With shared hosting, the hosting resources are divided among several sites. When another site is experiencing high traffic volume, it could slow your website’s response times.

Another critical issue with shared hosting is security. Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. Cybercriminals breach computer systems, accessing proprietary information or personal information about members and employees. These criminals may use this data to commit identity theft or fraud.

Dedicated servers enable you to create a private network where you can stream services. Users with a US dedicated server receive protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. You can install additional firewalls and safety features to protect your private network. You’ll also enjoy faster bandwidth speeds and won’t be affected by lag time stemming from high traffic on other sites on a shared network. With dedicated hosting, you can be confident your hosting resources will be available when you need them and ensure members enjoy an optimal streaming experience.

You’ll Need Great Audio-visual Equipment

You'll need great audio-visual equipment

While it’s possible to hold up a smartphone and live stream any event, your stream won’t have the best audio or visual display. Background noise can be distracting and make it hard for your audience to hear what you’re saying. A handheld recording device can wobble because it’s hard for people to hold still while videoing. You may also have lighting issues. People may be frustrated if they can’t hear or see clearly and turn the stream off.

You could use a webcam to stream sermons or Bible lessons, but it would be hard to use a webcam to incorporate multiple features, such as choir performances. A video camera with zoom is ideal for services involving multiple people. Invest in a tripod to eliminate camera shaking while videoing. It’s a good idea to rehearse services to ensure your camera operator knows where to pan and when to move the camera.

You may opt to invest in boom mics and other sound equipment. Adjust your mixer and alter your environment to reduce background noise. Rugs absorb sound, and you can muffle external noise with thick drapes. Placing furniture against the walls can also reduce external noise.

Don’t Forget Your Lighting

Don't forget your lighting

Lighting is crucial when you’re streaming. Poor lighting can create shadows, making it hard for viewers to enjoy a clear visual display. There are multiple types of lights you can use. The strongest lights are key lights. You can eliminate shadows with fill lights, while backlights add depth to the visual display.

Your lighting can support the tone of your content and the nature of your service. For example, if your service involves lighting candles, you may want softer lighting to make the candlelight stand out.

Churches need typical supplies, audio equipment, a video camera, and lighting to stream services effectively. Investing in a dedicated server will also increase your security and the quality of your live streams.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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