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Signs You’re Growing As a Person




Evolution is a natural part of life; one must continuously evolve and adapt to the changing world around in order to succeed at life. However, growth can be a tough process. Independence in life, ironically, comes with a lot of responsibilities.

We’re constantly undergoing change in our lives. Who we are now is radically different from who we were five years ago.

Maturity and growth don’t happen overnight; we must face and endure hardships and challenges in order for growth to happen. People often find it difficult to accept hard times, but they can them as opportunities to better themselves.

In this article, we’ll look at some clearest signs that a person is experiencing growth.

Your priorities change

When people age, their priorities shift. The activities that were once considered essential soon start to lose their appeal and become less important. The same goes for career choices.

There are many people who find their true calling in counseling, much later in life. Previously, it might have been hard to get credentialed in the right counseling degree programs, that didn’t also require a stellar GRE score but, with advancements in online learning mediums, people can easily get online masters in counseling no GRE, which makes career path-switching easier.

Like shifting career choices, a person’s priorities and interests also change with time. For instance, if you were a regular party animal in the past, you might now like to spend some quiet time at home with a book. The desire to seem cool doesn’t drive you anymore like it used to.

Although you may enjoy using social media, you understand that it is not who you really are. It is important to look your best, but you don’t have to lose of what are realistic beauty standards versus those unreal standards projected on Instagram and other social sites.

Your focus is on the future

As you evolve and grow, you may outgrow your friend circle, and that’s normal. Most friendships are temporary anyway, whereas the only thing you can guarantee is how hard you work for your own future. Your goals become the reason you get out of bed in the morning.

You’ll have few friends 

When you were young, you had lots of friends. But as you’ve grown, you now realize that quality is more important than quantity when it comes friendships. Your circle will start to become smaller and smaller.

You will lose many friends and, at first, you might even try to give explanations. The painful fact is that you’ll soon discover that loyal friends are hard to come by.

You need to move on. It is time to let go of toxic people, regardless of how much you care for them. Once you start seeing the bright side, good things will follow.

As long as you know what you want out of life and have specific goals, you don’t need individuals who will not support you. Although it is difficult to let go of a loved one, doing so is necessary if it is in your best interest.

It’s ok to turn someone down

With time and age, we learn that it’s ok to say no. As a result, you will learn to say ‘no’ to things that no longer serve you. It was tough turning down invitations, since you didn’t want to let anyone down. But you now realize that to put yourself first is more essential than what others think.

In no way does this suggest that you’re selfish. It simply indicates that you’ve given up on trying to please everyone. As a result, you are setting boundaries and will no longer take on just for the sake of it. Therefore, you have more free time for yourself, which gives you more freedom and take charge of your own life.

You’ll start to question yourself

Questioning your decisions is another apparent sign that you, as a person, are growing. As you become more mature, you’ll regret all the stupid decisions you took. When you were younger, your decisions were made based on your emotions and feelings.

Even though you continue to nurture your sensitive side and are incredibly proud of it, you’ve learned that sometimes it is best to ride a specific emotion longer before acting on it.

Although they were clearly the wrong in hindsight, you have accepted them wholeheartedly and want to move on having learnt the lessons that they provide.

Sometimes your reason may feel counterintuitive, present hard choices, but it will lead you down better paths than those your passion will lead you onto.

You are not easily annoyed

With time, you’ll learn how important a person can be in your life. The more you grow, the less you will waste time and energy on toxic people and on relations that lead nowhere. As opposed to getting annoyed, you’ll learn to ignore and stop caring what others think of you.

It won’t make you insensitive, but you will learn to keep your peace. We learn how to become more patient and tolerant of others but, at the same time, how to assert what we want for ourselves.

The Way Forward

Growth is a painful yet an extremely rewarding process. You become a better person and by and by your life becomes easier. When you stop comparing yourself to others, you’ll feel more content. It will encourage you to do and think better for others. Growing is a process that makes a person happier, content, and productive.

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