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Seven Decluttering Ideas to Make Your Home Look Spacious



Seven Decluttering Ideas to Make Your Home Look Spacious

Everyone we meet is ready to purchase more household things and still complains about the shortage of space at home. Modern homes are comparatively compact, and people of the present age feel that they need many things to do their day-to-day activities. Many people end up purchasing or keeping more stuff than they need, consequently cramming up their homes. Moreover, many people have a habit of hoarding things up. They do not realize that they possess enough things to accumulate in a shop. Naturally, at some point, the house starts feeling cluttered, and people think of decluttering.

Many modern people have adopted a minimalistic approach and actively promote it. Realizing the benefits of going minimal, more and more people want to declutter and have a more spacious place. Several people indulge in cleaning every other day; still, they feel their houses look messy, and piles of items lie here and there. They want to declutter but fail to do so and look for inspiration.

The following are some decluttering Tips to make your home more spacious:

  1. Get Rid of Excess and Useless Things

People find it unbelievable that they keep excess things, sometimes useless stuff, in their homes. When they sort things out, they come across several items that they did not remember and occupy space in some corner. To declutter, people can take everything they have not used in the last three months. Unless they are seasonal stuff, chances are they will not use these items shortly. People can make a pile of useless and worn-out stuff and search on the internet for the junk removal companies near them to get the best possible option to remove this junk away. If some things are in good condition, people can either sell them or donate them and see the transformation in their abode.

  1. Cut the Wardrobe

The most common problem of people is that they have plenty of clothes and do not want to part ways. Excessive clothing items need extra space, and not having it mess up the house. People can establish a rule to donate one article from their wardrobe whenever they purchase a new dress. Another way is to apply some creative ideas to reuse clothes and cut the wardrobe in half. Some people prefer hanging clothes behind a door or piling them up on a chair. People must organize their clothes and have good closets to store them.

  1. Install Floating Shelves

Huge-sized shelves are another item that makes the house appear stuffed. In place of them, people can install floating shelves in various shapes, multiple colors, and different styles. Floating shelves give a minimalistic look and are aesthetically pleasing. People can use these shelves for many things, from decoration pieces, books, crockery items, picture frames, and small plant pots. The key is not to bombard the shelves with articles as replacing them with large shelves will lose the essence.

  1. Avail of a Storage Facility

Seasonal stuff, such as leather coats, knee-length boots, hats, or umbrellas, take up a lot of space and need to be appropriately kept. Many people do not have sufficient room in their wardrobes or cabinets and struggle to keep them secure. An ideal way is to book a storage unit and keep them safe in it. Most storage facilities have cameras installed, and they guarantee to keep people’s belongings safe. Aside from seasonal stuff, people can put other excess items and make their abodes appear spacious.

In addition, unnecessary furniture looks out of place, clutter up space, and does not appear pleasing. People can give away, sell or keep unnecessary furniture in a storage facility to have a more spacious home.

  1. Throw Away Extra Mails

People get some unwanted broachers, advertising pamphlets, and several other items in mails regularly. Most people are too lazy to cancel a subscription or throw unnecessary papers every other day. These mails may appear harmless for the time being but gradually make a heap of unnecessary documents, making the house messy. Moreover, letting them pile up gives room for dust to accumulate and make the room dirty. People must throw the unnecessary, unwanted mail regularly to keep the house tidy.

  1. Declutter Cabinets and Drawers

People make a big mistake while decluttering because they focus only on visible things, not the cabinets and drawers. While decluttering, they must take out stuff from all kitchen and room cabinets, drawers, and cupboards. They would discover many useless things lying behind closed doors. People may think that decluttering cabinets or cupboards will not make a difference. Still, it will give space to occupy more things, making rooms appear cleaner and spacious.

  1. Have Reasonable Amount of Accessories

Houses are incomplete without accessories, as they add an oomph factor to the decor. The secret is to have an appropriate number of accessories and not go overboard with them. The perfect idea is to have minimalistic multifunctional accessories. Instead of having several cushions, people can have ottomans as they also offer storage spaces. They can decorate the house with fancy lamps that can also serve as lights. Accessories can amp up the house, but the key is to accessorize the home without bombarding it. While decluttering, people can get rid of accessories that neither adds to aesthetics, not serve any purpose.


Decluttering may seem like an easy task as all it requires is to sort things out and get rid of surplus items, but it has more to it. Spacious homes positively impact people, lift their spirits and reenergize them. Most people like the spacious homes published in magazines or shown on the Internet. However, their abodes appear messy because of excess things. On the other hand, they find it hard to declutter as they think they need all the stuff, and getting rid of anything will create problems for them in the future. Hoarding things up that are not in working conditions or keeping things, hoping to use them in the future, make the home cluttered. People can indulge in decluttering once in three months to throw away extra things; consequently, they will have a spacious home.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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