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Setting up a Home Office? These Are Your Remote Working Must-Haves



Remote Working

Did you know that 42 % of the workforce in the United States have worked from home full-time during the pandemic? If you started working from home and need to set up a remote office, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over remote working office tips.

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Find a Spare Room or Space

Use a small room for your office. You’ll need enough space to set up computer equipment and a desk. Ideally, you’ll need an area to close the door and separate your home and work life.

A lot of people don’t have spare rooms. You could convert a guest room into your office. Make it multi-purpose, so you have a spot for people to sleep when they visit.

Set up an Ergonomic Office

Your desk or table needs to be at work height. An industry standard is 29 inches rising from the floor to the top of the table. If you’re tall, you might want a desk that has a higher height.

Shorter people will need something with a lower height. Most tables and desks have an adjustable height.

When you sit up, your forearms should be parallel to the ground. Your wrist shouldn’t bend down or up as you move the mouse or type.

The top of your wrist should be on the same plane as your forearm. If you bend your wrists for an extended period, you could get an injury over time.

Shop for some office desks online.

Look for a Supportive Chair

There are chairs on the market that could injure you if you use them for your work desk.

Deck chairs and dining chairs aren’t at the proper height. You won’t maintain an upright posture when you use those chairs.

Get a chair that has an adjustable height and provides lumbar support for your lower back. You’ll also want a chair that rolls and has an adjustable arm height, seat pan tilt, and lateral arm position.

Install Decent Lighting

Don’t put a lamp next to your monitor. You’ll end up with a glare on your computer and too many light sources.

You might need some more lamps for extra lighting. Place these lamps in a spot where they won’t create a glare on your monitor screen. You also don’t want to put them in your field of vision.

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You don’t want your monitor to be too bright or too dim. Both can end up causing eyestrain.

The monitor’s lighting should be a little brighter compared to your ambient lighting. The ambient lighting should be enough to read your documents without extra light.

Now You Have Tips on Remote Working

We hope this guide on a home office was helpful. Now that you know more about remote working and how to set up your office enjoy setting up your remote office.

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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