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Residential Moving Company Near Me: Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring One



An estimated 40 million Americans move each year. For some, moving is a common occurrence and they have a system down pat. For those facing a first-time move (or the first move in a long time), things may seem a little more confusing or stressful.

Hiring a moving company is often worth the extra expense. Keep in mind that even if you don’t hire a moving company, you’ll still have to pay for things like packing materials and a moving truck or van. Plus, you’ll use up a lot of time.

Go beyond searching, “residential moving company near me,” to guarantee that you find the best moving company in your area.

Read on to learn common mistakes people make when choosing a moving company so that you can avoid them.

Waiting Too Long to Book a Moving Company

We get it: when you’re in the process of moving, you have a lot on your plate, and it’s easy to let some things slip. Don’t let booking your moving company wait until the last minute. Make sure that you book a moving company at least two weeks in advance, if not earlier, to ensure that you have a wider selection and avoid potential rush fees.

Overlooking Local Moving Companies

There are a lot of big names in the moving company world and it’s easy to assume that you can trust the ones you’ve heard of. However, don’t overlook the quality and professionalism of local movers. Local moving companies often charge less and send caring, professional movers who have years of experience.

Failing to Read the Fineprint

Make sure that you know what you’re actually paying for before you book a moving company. Are they going to pack up your stuff or do they expect you to do that before they arrive? Can they move large specialty items like pianos and will they haul away any leftover junk that you don’t want?

Most importantly, do they operate in both the area you’re moving from and the area you’re moving to? Many companies only send movers between a handful of cities or states, so make sure your move is eligible.

Neglecting Moving Company Reviews

Online reviews from previous clients make for great screening tools. Does your moving company get mostly four and five-star reviews? What are people saying about their service and is it really worth your money?

Do More Than Google “Residential Moving Company Near Me”

When you’re looking for a moving company, don’t leave your options up to a search for a “residential moving company near me.” While this is a great start, make sure that you reference our guide to avoid common mistakes people make when choosing a moving company.

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