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What is Remote Desktop Protocol and Best RDP to Buy



What is Remote Desktop Protocol and Best RDP to Buy

Windows Remote Desktop Protocol known as RDP is developed by Microsoft which gives users the ability to connect to a far desktop or device and can use software installed on it. It is done through a network connection. The user side will install RDP client software and the other side will install the RDP server software.

All Windows PC or laptops can easily use RDP to connect to another Windows device. But not all versions of Windows support it only a few versions can support it including Windows Mobile, Linux, Unix, Android, and other operating systems.

RDP only allows a single connection to the Windows PC only if it has remote desktop enabled. You can also connect multiple users at once, to do this you must have Remote Server with RDS (Remote Desktop Service) components installed and enabled at the end.

If you are looking for a connection with a secure enterprise network from a remote location, then you must have Remote Desktop Gateway Service installed and properly configured on Windows Server installation. It will increase security as well as replaces the need for a VPN.

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How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows

In order to connect to another Windows PC through RDP, you need to enable it on the remote server or PC. Just follow the steps listed below and you are good to go:

1. Open Windows Settings Menu > Press System > Remote Desktop.

2. Press the Enable Remote Desktop option which will make it On. To confirm, the slider will turn blue when it is enabled.

3. By default, the account you are using on Windows PC will be your Remote Desktop Connection account. In order to add more users, select users that can remotely access this PC. You can search, add, and delete the users.

4. In order to allow the RDP to connect over the internet, you’ll be required to allow incoming and outgoing connections to TCP/UDP port 3389 on your side network until the port forwarding is in effect.

Tips for secure Windows RDP connections

All kinds of remote desktop connections open a hole that can easily be exploited. You will need a strategy in order to secure your established Remote Desktop Connections. In order to do that, just follow the steps listed here:

1. Don’t allow open RDP connections over the internet.

2. Enable Network Level Authentication (NLA).

3. Restrict RDP connections to non-administrators.

4. Use complex, secure passwords.

5. Limit password attempts.

6. Set RDP for maximum encryption.

Connecting to a Remote Desktop Connection on Windows

By default, all Windows PC and Servers have the Remote Desktop connection available. Windows 7 and 8 also has this feature installed by default. If you want to connect to a local user through your network then you have to find the local IP of that user or hostname first. In order to do this, click on Windows Settings > Network & Internet > View your network properties. It will give you complete details of the users such as their IP address and hostname.

If you are taking the risk of connecting to a PC over the internet, you must know the ISP-issued IP of your internet connection. You can easily do this by typing “What is my IP” in the Google search. You would also need to know the RD gateway address to secure your connection.

Below are the steps that we recommend you to follow in order to connect to a Remote Desktop over the internet:

1. Press Windows+R on keyboard and type into the Run dialog box “mstsc” and press OK. This will start the Remote Desktop Connection tool.

2. Type your IP Address or hostname in the Windows text box, then press Show options.

3. Now type the username which you will use to connect to the remote desktop connection.

4. After that, confirm the display resolution and color quality of your remote connection under the Display tab.

5. Confirm the peripherals you intend to share with Remote connection by pressing Local Resources > More.

6. Once you are done with the all necessary settings, click on Connect. You may also need to press Yes to a warning about the identity of the connection.

What are the Best RDP to Buy?

There are many RDP services on the internet, but the most trusted and reliable is USA RDP. You can try others also including RemovePC, TeamViewer, ISL Online, SolarWinds Dameware, Chrome Remote Desktop, or Remmina.

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