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Raw Dog Food Diet Plan



Raw Dog Food Diet Plan

Raw food diet is a great diet plan for your dog or pup. Typically the raw dog food diet plan is consists of meat of muscles, bones, organ meat like liver and kidney. Moreover, raw eggs, some veggies and fruits, and yogurt are also included in the natural dog food diet plan. Food prepared by adding these food items is considered the best raw food for dogs.

Here the question comes in mind is raw food diet is beneficial for my dog, or a raw diet killed my dog ?.Raw food diet is beneficial for your dog, but it has a few risk factors. However, if we look at the beneficial aspects of the raw food diet, they provide shiny and healthier skin and coat to the dog. Moreover, it also responsible for the cleaning of teeth, providing good energy to the dog. On the other hand, raw food has some risk factors like bacteria is present in raw food, which is harmful to dogs.

Moreover, if you don’t maintain the balance in diet, your dog’s health is disturbing. You need to follow special precautions when you give bones diet to your dog. Otherwise, it breaks the teeth of your dog.

If you want to give your dogs a raw diet and know how much quantity is suitable and the best natural food recipes, you are in the right place. This article tells you complete information about the raw food diet, including recipes, quantity, etc. So read below for preparing a healthier raw food diet for your pup.

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Raw Food Diet For Dogs Recipes

Here we mention the best homemade raw food dog recipes. You can choose the recipe according to the taste desire of your dog or pup.

Organ patties

It is a very delicious and simple raw food dog recipe. Moreover, in this recipe, we don’t use the bones and cartilages. So we recommend you don’t use this recipe for everyday meals. Now, look at the ingredients and instruction.


Beef heart-113 grams

Kidney -113 grams

Gizzards -133 grams

Liver-113 grams

Precooked vegetables -2 tablespoon or 16 grams

Egg -1 raw egg


Firstly you need to prepare and ready the ingredients. So add organs in the chopper and chop them. Moreover, after that chopping the veggies the same as chopping the organs. Once all ingredients are chopped well add all ingredients. After mixing, add the raw egg with the shell. The next step is giving a petty shape to the mixture. Now pop it and freeze these patties. So When your dog is hungry, serve these organ patties to the dog.


Stain balls are given to adult dogs for gaining weight of dogs. Moreover, you can provide a stain ball diet to the dog a couple of times a week.


Leans ground beef-10 pounds

Oats -12 cups

Raw egg-10

Vegetable oil -1 and 1/4 cup

Unsulfured molasses 1 and 1/4 cup

Unflavoured gelatin -10 envelops.


For preparing this recipe, you need to mix all ingredients. Moreover, mixing is continued until all ingredients are mix well with each other. When the mixing batter is ready, then make small balls and freeze them. When your puppy needs a raw diet, then give them these stain balls.

Raw Dog Food Calculator/How To Give Raw dog food for beginners:

Your dog raw diet food quantity depends upon the following factors :

  • Metabolism of dog
  • Quality of food
  • You dog daily exercise timing and routine
  • weight and age of the dog

so if you want to know how to give raw dog food for beginners, then first examine these factors and then get suggestions from your vet.

Raw food diet for puppies

It would help if you got a suggestion from your vet about the quantity of your dog’s raw food diet. Generally, when your pup is 16 weeks old, then you need four meals per day. Moreover, as they grow and reach 17 to 20 weeks, it reduces their meals. Now they need three meals. Wile after 18 to 20 weeks of age, two meals in a day are preferable.

Moreover, when your dog is in growing age, then add raw food 2 to 3 percent in their diet. Remember that when you are giving raw food to your dog, examine its weight regularly.

Access weight is harmful to dogs. Overweight affects the joint and working abilities of dogs. So we can say if you have questioned how much raw food to feed a dog?. The quantity of the raw food diet depends upon the weight and age of the dog.

In addition to the weight of the dog, also examine the stool of the dog. 3% of raw food is suitable for a dog whose weight is under control. On the other hand, if your dog is less active in adult age, you can give 1,5% raw food to your dog. Hopefully by reading this article, you clearly understand about Raw Dog Food Diet Plan.

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