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Provence Residence EC, the Best Executive Condominium for You



Provence Residence

Real estate is typically included in most people’s financial dreams. Many people tend to include real estate as the second home buying plan because it can secure the social welfare of your family in the future.

Speaking of public housing, in Singapore, you can find the derivative of regular public housing known as Executive Condominium (EC). This type of public housing is actually a mixed form between private and public housing.

It represents personal condominiums in a secure, protected area. The executive condominium comes along with other fancy facilities like playgrounds, clubhouses, swimming pools, and many more.

The pricing is typically lower than a regular price of a private home. It is because the costs of the land itself are Government’s subsidies. Besides, for the payment, you can have the CPF (Central Provident Fund) to pay for the executive condominium from the developer.

The executive condominium itself subjet to particular conditions of the HBD (Housing and Development Board) flats. For instance, your household income should not be more than $16,000 per month in order to match the conditions to buy an executive condominium.

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Additional regulations relate to your occupancy period; you must have at least five years of occupancy period: and at that moment, your executive condominium is prohibited for rent or sale.

After the occupancy period, you do have the liberty to sell it but only to the PRs (Singaporean Permanents Residents) or Singaporeans. As for foreigners, you can have the executive condominium after ten years from the completion of development.

Suppose you are interested in having your very own executive condominium. You can buy it from a private developer like MCC Land. If you do, you can have it at a lower price than the regular costs of a private home.

This can happen due to the land prices are Government’s subsidy. Besides, for the payment, you able to get the CPF (Central Provident Fund) grants to pay for your executive condominium.

Let’s take a look on the background information of the developer behind the beautiful and well constructed executive condominium of the Provence Residence in Canberra Link, Singapore.

  • MCC Land (Singapore) Limited

MCC Land (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a company beneath MCC Group headquartered in Singapore. It is the Fortune 500 company Metallurgy Corporation of China Ltd subsidiary company. It is a provider of full development services specialized in services for engineering, property development, project and construction management.

Since its establishment in 2010, when it comes to the real estate with maximum results in Singapore, it is closely related to MCC land (Singapore) Limited. MCC Land (Singapore) Limited has become the leading residential projects developer.

Examples of its projects are  Canberra Residences, One Canberra, Northwave, The Alps, etc. MCC Land (Singapore) Limited itself is listed as the top 10 real estate developers in Singapore for three straight years. Another recognition of MCC Land (Singapore) Limited is won the award for “Asia’s Top Influential Brands.” This can happen due to the committed works to achieve high-quality results.

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For the past years, MCC Land (Singapore) Limited has widened its business reach to multiple countries such as Indonesia, India, and Malaysia. In doing so, MCC Land (Singapore) Limited expands and seals the MCC Group’s success in South East Asia.

This article will help you to get more understanding towards the Provence Residence Executive Condominium. Especially for its pricing, showflat location, and the availability of the Provence residence virtual showflat tour. We hope in the end of this article, the information written in here can help you in applying to buy our unit.

Provence Residence Pricing

For the pricing of the Provence Residence executive condominium, we have calibrated the breakeven price for the land plot is approximately $963 per square foot. With the margin at 15 %. We would say that the predicted price will be about $1107 per square foot.

Provence Residence Showflat

The location of the Provence residence EC show flat is on the Admiralty Link. It is on the opposite Blk 491 in Admiralty Link. You have to register first in order to book the appointment for the showflat.

On the showflat web page, you can see several viewpoints for the location of the Provence Residence showflat along the Admiralty Lane. We also provide several options of transportation on our website to ease you in reaching our showflat.  We provide any related information that you need to know. In fact, we also have a virtual showflat tour that you can utilize to feel the condo and take a closer look to your future condominium.

Provence Residence Virtual Showflat Tour

As for the virtual showflat your of Provence Residence EC, it is going to be ready in the near future. In case that you are interested in seeing your future executive condominium, you can register yourself, and we will inform you as soon as the virtual tour is accessible. So you do not have to worry about getting the first information about the show flat of the Provence Residence.

On the showflat, we will include the:

  • Type C1 that has 3 bedrooms with 883 sqft
  • Type C6 also has 3 bedrooms with 1249 sqft.
  • Type D2 that has 4  bedrooms with 1399 sqft

The bottom line is, for those who have been dreaming of having real estate, especially an executive condominium. The Provence residence offers the opportunity to have your very own executive condominium in Canberra Link Sembawang, Singapore.

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Perfect and strategic location for you. With nearby facilities like Canberra MRT station, Canberra Plaza, Sembawang Hot Springs Park, and etc. You can find yourself living in a society where you can fulfill your fundamental needs nearby your house.

In addition, it would be best for you if you register yourself with as right now. By doing it, you have the advantage of hearing any news or updates in regards to Provence Residence EC (executive condominium) exclusively from us. We also have a customer support if you need any further information. So you can have the edge to acquire the real estate that you want.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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