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Protecting Your New Car with Ceramic Coating



Ceramic Coating

You may think your new car doesn’t need protection until the shine is intact. But you will be surprised to know that your new vehicle needs the same level of protection as an old car. New cars can get scratched and accumulate dirt, and paint can get affected by bird droppings and harmful UV rays. A ceramic coating may be a viable solution to protect your car’s paint from these elements.

It is made of ceramic polymer applied to your car’s exterior. The innovation has taken over the car cleaning industry and has become the preferred option for new car protection. Using this on your vehicle creates a new layer of protection above your car’s original paint.

How does it work?

Ceramic coating adds an added layer of protection to your car’s outer layer. The paintwork on new automobiles does not have any layer of extra protection. Simply put, shielding any vehicle from the external environment is critical as you must protect your car from dirt, mud, chemical substances, and heat to prevent fading and chipping of paint.

Generally, ceramic coating is applied in five layers depending on the type of coating. However, three-layer protection also works fine with a new car that may last 3-5 years. Professionals may apply nano ceramic coating on the vehicle’s outer surface for a smoother texture.

Process of Ceramic coating of New Car

How is the ceramic coating of your new car different from the old car? There is no difference between utilising ceramics on a new automobile and any old vehicle. Regardless of age, ceramic coatings can cover and offer excellent protection to cars.

However, the washing and preparation process differs as the new car does not require much surface preparation. The process involves the following stages,

  • Stage 1- Washing Phase

It should go without saying that the key to success is a strong pre-wash. The goal is to remove the worst of the grime and any loose particles from your car. If your vehicle has stayed with the manufacturer for a long time, dirt may accumulate, which is not visible to naked eyes. A washing process can easily remove these impurities to deep clean your vehicle’s outer layer.

  • Stage 2- Paint Correction and Enhancement

Doubtless, if there are signs of severe paint damage on a brand-new car, it will need extensive treatment with abrasives. However, new car protection often aims to improve the paintwork and increase the shine above factory standards by removing any light swirls. Your new car’s paint is corrected and enhanced by applying a well-suited chemical.

  • Stage 3- Ceramic Coating Your car

Professionals apply the ceramic coating effortlessly and seamlessly. Each part is coated using a unique multi-stage process to prepare and cover surfaces before leaving behind a ceramic layer, providing durable, quartz-based protection. Some types of ceramic coatings can be applied to the car’s interiors.

It would be wise to get your new car a ceramic coating that will protect it from environmental damage and enhance the overall look of your vehicle. However, getting these services from a reputable service provider that offers quality paint protection for your car is advisable.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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