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Plaques Vs. Trophy: Which One To Give To Your Employees



Plaques Vs. Trophy

Understanding that teams make things happen is essential to the integrity of your business. How well your business performs largely depends on your employees’ performance. Once you’ve realized how integral employees are to your business’s success, you start to focus more on how you can encourage employee motivation so that ongoing success is commonplace for your business.

Given that people are reward-based, finding ways to treat your employees for their ongoing hard work can be essential in securing continued success at your company. The difficulty rests primarily in establishing how your employees best respond to various rewards. Finding the right approach to maintain employee motivation, work ethic, and loyalty will take special insight into the personality types that make up the employee base at your business.

Of the many rewards you may utilize to enhance workplace productivity, trophies and plaques are some of the most frequently utilized by business leaders to encourage continued hard work at the office. Read on for specifics to learn more about the benefits of giving your employees plaques vs. trophies! Order here to find plaques and other awards for your employees!

Give Out Awards Based On Award Framework

You might choose to integrate plaques by starting an employee of the month club. With a monthly award in place, team members can work harder and enjoy a friendly competition. Another approach to take is the employee appreciation award.

If a particularly impressive milestone is reached, such as securing a difficult client, the employee most responsible for this accomplishment will get the award. Again, this can be attained every month, whereby the employee receives a plaque for their work that month.

If You’re Saving Space, Consider Rotating Plaques

There are pros and cons to choosing plaques vs. trophies and vice versa. If you’re looking to save space, your best bet is to go with a trophy or a rotating plaque. In both cases, wall space isn’t used, and employees can rotate the award by passing the plaques or trophies along as each award is achieved each month.

Choose Trophies For More Customization Options

Additionally, if you’re looking for customized approaches, you might go with trophies, as they are easier to customize in material, shape, and other designs. Plaques are limited in the materials used to make them. Plaques are typically more affordable than trophies, making them more applicable to company budgets (if you plan on providing an employee with a new award each month).

You also can display plaques on the wall or as freestanding items. More flexibility may be necessary depending on your business setup and how the awarded employee wants to display their award in the office.

Give Awards That Make The Most Sense For Your Business

Ultimately, choosing between giving out plaques and trophies depends on how you plan to execute your award process and the cost considerations that reflect your business needs. Consider the above suggestions as you decide how to give out plaques or trophy awards for the accomplishments of your employees.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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