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PDF Watermarking: How to Add Watermarks Online with GogoPDF



PDF Watermarking How to Add Watermarks Online with GogoPDF

In an era that anything can go viral, it’s essential to place a watermark on any document so that you can take ownership of it. PDFs are no strangers to documents that are in-need of ownership. Of course, you wouldn’t want any other individual to take credit for all the hard work that you need.

You can cope with any theft or unauthorized use by placing watermarks on your PDF! With that said, you won’t need to purchase any software to simply add a watermark on any PDF. GogoPDF is one of our favorite and go-to online tools for adding watermarks to our PDF. Without a doubt, this online tool got you covered for any needs involving watermark creation!

How To Put Watermark On A PDF With GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is undoubtedly one of our go-to online tools in adding watermarks to certain PDF documents. Adding watermarks to PDF documents has never been easier, thanks to GogoPDF’s PDF watermark creator. Moreover, GogoPDF allows users to add watermark to PDF free, without charge! All you need is to follow four simple steps to add a watermark successfully.

First, you’ll need to upload a PDF document that you’d like to add a watermark to. Alternatively, anyone who wants to use this PDF editor may also drag and drop the file into the space that GogoPDF provides as another way to upload. Once you’ve completed the first step, you’ll then need to type a text or select a specific image as a watermark.

For the third step in adding watermarks to PDFs, you’ll need to select and specify the position wherein you’d like to place the watermark. Once done, you can apply the changes you’ve made and directly download the watermarked PDF file to your computer!

A Must-Try Speedy Process

If you want to use a quick and effortless online alternative in adding watermarks to your PDF files, then GogoPDF’s add watermark to PDF tool is the perfect tool for the job! It’ll only take a few minutes for users to add a text or image to use as a watermark. Even positioning the watermark on the document’s pages is incredibly effortless.

It’ll even take an incredibly short time for GogoPDF to apply the changes that you want to your PDF document. Without a doubt, you’ll be able to see the newly applied watermarks on your PDF file. You surely won’t worry about not getting credit for all the hard work that you’ve put into your PDF file.

GogoPDF provides this process for free on its website. You can add any watermarks to your PDF files effortlessly without even paying a single dime! Once you upload a PDF, you can start adding a watermark with ease. For your PDF watermarking needs, choose GogoPDF!

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Personalize Your Watermark

GogoPDF allows its users to personalize the watermarks that they’ll be adding to their PDF documents. This personalization task is incredibly effortless and simple, thanks to the user-friendly interface of GogoPDF. This online tool will allow users to type in the exact text needed for the watermark. Users can also choose the font color they want along with the text’s size and font style!

You can also opt to use an image for your watermark. This online tool simply needs you to upload the image from the device that you are using. Once you upload the image, GogoPDF can place it in the PDF as a watermark for you. Without a doubt, it’ll be seamless and effortless regardless if you’ll use text or image as the watermark for your PDF.

It’ll only take you a few clicks for you to add a watermark to any PDF file. Thanks to GogoPDF, you don’t have to install any offline software just to add a watermark to your PDF file!

Platform Compatibility

With GogoPDF, you now have a PDF editor that you can use to add watermarks to your PDF file. It’s an online PDF editor that you’ll be able to access and use on any operating system or platform. You can instantly add a watermark to your PDF file on any Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Moreover, you’ll only need a web browser to use this online tool to add watermarks to any PDF!

GogoPDF provides the same and identical high-quality watermarking process on all platforms and browsers. Anyone who’s using this PDF editor won’t have to worry about potentially missing out on a unique feature that a platform brings. Subsequently, you can add watermarks to your PDF for free whether you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other web browsing tools.


It’s no secret that GogoPDF offers an effortless process in adding watermarks to your PDFs. Anyone can easily add watermarks to any PDF through GogoPDF, even those who aren’t savvy in tech! Thanks to GogoPDF, anyone can handle and manage their PDF files way easier than before. Plus, it doesn’t cost a fortune for you to add watermarks to your PDFs through GogoPDF!

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