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PDF Bear: Convert PDF To PNG Online Quickly



PDF to PNG online

Have you ever tried converting one format to another with unsatisfactory results? Try switching to a reliable PDF converter brand to ensure that your file details are maintained. For web design, a PNG file format is always used—we convert PDF for PNG files when we want a PDF image used for web design.

There are reasons people use PNG files instead of JPEG, which is a popular choice. PNG stands for portable graphics network. It’s an unpatented format founded in 1995.

Converting PDF to PNG using PDF Bear

PDF Bear offers fast conversion from PDF to PNG online. The only things you need to do this is your computer, a Wi-Fi connection, and a browser of your choice. So, why do we convert PDF to PNG? The reasons are explained further below:

  • PNG Uses Transparency – A PNG format uses transparency, which is suitable for web design. A JPEG doesn’t have such capacity. A JPEG file is lossy which a PNG file is lossless. The reason why JPEG is a popular image format is because of the size. JPEG files are smaller compared to PNG files.


  • If you are not so concerned about image details, you are better off with JPEG files to save disk space. If you are creating a website with transparent or semitransparent background, then this format is the way to go. PNG is also a great way to make design logos. You can manipulate the image over another image background, blocks, or pattern of any kind.


  • PNG And Editing – A PNG file format is great for those who are into editing photos. PNG offers rich details and can be manipulated – a text file taken in PNG format can be extracted. This method is the type that is used by translators because they can use standard web tools to extract texts. For example, a Japanese to English translator will find this an accessible medium to pull Japanese translation into American English, which is hard with other image formats. 

Converting PDF Files to PNG Using PDF Bear

In converting your PDF image file into PNG, the steps are simple using PDF Bear. Note that you can also convert PDF text files into PNG format. 

  1. Open your browser and go to the official PDF Bear website. Note that you can use any browser of your choice(Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera). 
  2. The main page will give you many tools. Look for “Convert PDF to PNG” and click on that. A converter page will open. 
  3. Select or drag a file you wish to convert to PNG. There is an option to convert using Dropbox or Google drive, too. The converter tool will scan and upload your file.
  4. The uploaded file will be converted to PNG in just a matter of seconds. 
  5. Lastly, you can download the converted file to your computer immediately. 

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PDF Bear Pro: Unlimited Conversion and Storage

The PDF Bear pro has many functions that are for power users. Note that with PDF Bear, you can still use the free version. The pro version has no limits in terms of file size or the number of uploads. The uploaded and converted files will stay in the cloud for as long as you want. In the free version, it will remove the converted files after an hour.

The pro version is great because you can store your converted files in the cloud for future use. This method is a practical way to work in batches for several reasons. Your computer has a limited capacity for storage. Having an option to store your files on the cloud will rid you of the memory burden.

The cloud is also the most secure way to convert and store your files. When your computer runs into technical issues, your files will remain in the cloud for future downloads. You also get a customer and technical help when you switch to PDF Bear pro. This addition is highly convenient for people working with large and critical files. If a system glitch happens, then you can call for technical assistance. 

An Excellent Choice for Web Designers and Content Producers

Content is king these days. So when you are designing websites or working on YouTube content, then format conversion is always expected. This process can help you improve your content. You will also reap the benefits by creating a contest that is professional and attractive.

Having a PDF Converted like PDF Bear is always a great tool to have around. It is available as an online tool, so that means it will not take your computer’s storage space. It is also fast and light, making your work such a breeze. If you have friends looking for a useful and quick tool, tell them about PDF Bear. They will thank you for it.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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