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Pain During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment Options



Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but that doesn’t mean it comes without its own set of issues. If you’re dealing with pain during pregnancy, you might be wondering what the causes are and what you can do about it.

We’ve created a brief guide on the most common pregnancy aches and pains you might endure when carrying your little one. Get ready to find relief from your pregnancy pain after reading below.

Carpal Tunnel

We understand you didn’t expect to see carpal tunnel on this list, but carrying a child can increase wrist pain. 31%-62% of women that are expecting will have issues with carpal tunnel and suffer from a series of side effects such as:

  • Swelling to the wrist area
  • Increased pain
  • Reduced strength in the wrist

If you’ve been diagnosed with pregnancy-related carpal tunnel, there are several ways to treat it, including:

  • Practicing range of motion exercises
  • Avoid doing repetitive movements that cause pain
  • If you do significant computer work, reduce the amount of work you do
  • Wear splints meant for people with carpal tunnel

It’s essential to be consistent in your exercises to build your strength. It also helps to speak with your primary doctor about your issues.

Back Pain

Back pain is caused by your weight when carrying your child. While there’s nothing you can do to reduce your weight, there are ways to manage your back pain and discomfort until you’ve given birth.

If you’re dealing with persistent back pain, we encourage you to obtain a chiropractor referral. Being adjusted regularly can help you better manger your back pain.

Another option is to ensure you’re using good posture when you’re standing or sitting. When you don’t use good posture, it can weaken the muscles in your back that you have, leading to increased pain.

Indigestion and Heartburn

Another reason you might be hurting during pregnancy is because you’re having issues with indigestion and heartburn. Have you tried eating your favorite food and immediately regretted your decision?

When you’re pregnant, your hormone levels change, which means it slows down the process of digestion. Because of this, your uterus begins to crowd your abdominal region, which in turn pushes on your stomach, resulting in the acid in your stomach to rise.

To remedy this, you can ask your doctor which heartburn medications you can safely take to reduce the effects of indigestion. It’s also helpful if you take your time when eating and eat at a slower rate, while also increasing your liquid intake during meals.

Different Causes of Pain During Pregnancy

There are several reasons you might experience pain during pregnancy, including back pain or carpal tunnel. The fantastic thing is there are different ways to treat your pain and manage it while you’re pregnant.

Want to know more about pregnancy or related topics? Continue scrolling through this section now and find other insightful posts.

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