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Packaging for Small Businesses: The Complete Guide




According to one survey, 72% of consumers say their decision to buy a product relied heavily on the packaging.

As a small business, you have to find ways to make your product stand out from everyone else’s. And one way you could do that is by focusing on your packaging!

But how do you create good packaging for small businesses? Keep reading to find out!

Provide Information About Your Product

First, you should make sure that your packaging provides some kind of information about your product. If you’re a small company, many people may not know much about you, so you’ll need to find a way to include this information on your packaging.

Once you become a more established brand, you can cut down on the information, but for now, you need to find a way to give the customers the information without overloading the packaging with it.

Figure out what information is absolutely necessary to convince people to buy your product. If you’re still having trouble, you can check out SmashBrand for help.

Know Your Audience

You should also do some research on who exactly your audience is. This can give you some insight into what will grab their attention so that you can use the marketing to sell them a product.

You should also try and figure out if you’re going to be selling your product online or in-store because that will make a difference.

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If you’re selling in-store, you need to find something that looks good on the shelf. You want to make your target customer pick it up and be interested in it. Once they pick it up, it should have some reasons why they should buy that product and what makes it a better choice?

By figuring out who your target audience is, you’ll find out what attracts their attention. Is it giant flashy words? Or is it subtle, more minimalist designs?

Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out

If your product is going to be sold in a store with other, similar products, you’ll need to find a way to make sure that yours stands out. This might be looking into custom packaging design or coming up with a logo.

You might want to also use it to showcase your brand’s personality. If the brand is sophisticated and classy, you might want to use something subtle and more elegant designs.

Choose Material Carefully

You should also put some thought into what material you want to use for your packaging. Most businesses don’t even think about that, but the customer will feel a certain way when they feel the packaging you use.

It may be subconscious, but it could affect their decision to buy it or not. Another big reason to choose your material carefully is for sustainability.

Many customers now care about saving the environment, and you should be committed to the cause too! Try and find a material that is environmentally friendly, especially if you advertise it as such.

If your consumers find out that you aren’t using environmentally friendly packaging when you say you do, you’ll have to do a lot of apologizing to try and get your customers back.

You could use materials such as loose-fill chips, paper made from recycled compost, or corrugated cardboard.

Find Your Brand Aesthetic

Once you come up with an aesthetic for your brand, make sure you stick with it. This will help create consistency within your brand, which will make it seem more cohesive and put together.

Over time, people will start to associate your packaging with your brand. This is a great way to get some free marketing.

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For example, you may want to come up with a logo that you’ll put on all of your packagings. Eventually, you can just put your logo on the product packaging and people will already realize what it is.

Go Neutral or Use Colors

You might think that using flashy colors is a great way to grab someone’s attention, and sometimes it is. However, with minimalism being a recent trend, a lot of people are also using neutral colors and simple designs.

As long as you have a strong font and a great logo, you can find all kinds of ways to grab attention by being the package on the shelf that is a calming design to look at.

Consider the Experience

You should also consider the experience a customer will have when they open your product. Unboxing videos are becoming a big thing on YouTube, which means this could be a great marketing experience for you.

For example, think of Apple’s products. They always come in the most satisfying box, and a lot of people just keep the box or even sell them for hundreds of dollars on eBay!

As a small business, you may also have the advantage of adding small, personalized details into the packaging. This is an advantage that most big companies, like Amazon, don’t have the time for.

It shows the customer that you care, and it also makes them feel special and more willing to come back and support your business.

Learn More About Packaging for Small Businesses

These are only a few things to know when figuring out packaging for small businesses, but there are many more things you can try to help your packaging persuade a customer!

We know that marketing and running a small business can be very time consuming and stressful, but we’re here to help you out!

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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