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Now We’re Cooking: How to Create a More Luxurious Kitchen?



Did you know that the average American spends about 33 minutes a day on food preparation and cleanup? This doesn’t include the time that your family would spend eating your meals, or socializing with each other over the kitchen table.

The kitchen is usually the focal point of the home and the place where everyone spends the most time (besides the bedroom). So it’s important to build a luxurious kitchen where spending time isn’t a chore, but a delight. This is especially true if you have a big social circle and you hold a lot of dinner parties.

Keep reading to find out what a luxury kitchen design should include.

Start With a Luxury Sink

You are going to use your sink a lot! It’s where you prepare and clean your ingredients, and wash your pots and pans. Make sure you choose a sink that’s high-quality and luxurious looking.

There’s a trend nowadays to go for luxury farmhouse sinks, but that’s not mandatory. As long as you choose something long-lasting, you are good to go.

Choose Richly-Colored Cabinets and Ornate Kitchen Handles

The cabinets are one of the first things anyone notices about a kitchen. If you are going for a luxury modern kitchen design, then you will want to choose luxury Kitchen Countertop and cabinets that have characteristics like:

  • Smoked glass
  • Metallic or richly colored
  • Heavily-grained woods
  • Dark veneers

These are just some ideas, but they should get you started. Also, don’t ignore your kitchen handles. Instead of going for push-in mechanisms, consider getting some antique kitchen handles to give that additional oomph to your luxurious kitchen.

The More Storage You Can Build, the Better

A luxurious kitchen is made of rich details, of course. But it also appears luxurious because it’s impeccably clean. A cluttered kitchen rarely looks luxurious, you might have observed.

You can achieve this as well, by building in a lot of storage space. Try to use every space of the kitchen (especially the tight ones) to fit in some kind of cupboards or storage space.

Not sure how to do this? Hire a luxury remodeling contractor to build all this storage space for you.

Add Statement Lighting

A modern luxury kitchen has lots of statement lighting in it, that emphasizes its beauty and charm. Why not invest in a chandelier that can truly magnify the luxury levels of your kitchen? Also, place LED lights underneath your cabinets, or behind your glass splashbacks, especially if you like hosting dinner parties at home.

Get Ready to Build Your Dream Luxurious Kitchen

You’ve waited long enough. It’s time you built the luxurious kitchen that you dreamt about since you were a little child.

There are so many gorgeous luxury kitchen designs out there, so why not get inspired by them and build your own? This way you can enjoy all those hours you spend in your kitchen, rather than being resentful of them.

If you are looking for more inspirational home-building articles like this one, then keep browsing our website.

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