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Netbase Quid Shares 5 Key Opinion Leaders and Why You Should Find one for Your Business



Netbase Quid Shares 5 Key Opinion Leaders and Why You Should Find one for Your Business

Remember how you read posts from your favorite columnist on news websites? Or the many times you order things online because your favorite blogger recommends them?

A KOL has influenced your opinion. According to Netbase Quid, Opinions and interactions in digital spaces are shaping business decisions. Key Opinion leaders are people or organizations that are well known as figures of authority in certain areas. Their opinions matter to people. They include columnists, politicians, influencers, and even celebrities.

Businesses can utilize insights from KOLS to build their brands. Celebrities are the most common people who voice their opinions and thoughts. Their criticism can be a force towards change as they have millions of fans. Below are 5 Key opinion Leaders that are shaping various industries.

  • Arianna Huffington

She is best known as the founder of the Huffington Post. Arianna has made her name as an opinion leader in the business niche. You will find her shaping opinions through her posts on social platforms. The Huffington Post is an accomplished media house.

Arianna does not stop there but keeps building her brand. She founded Thrive Global, a business that seeks to help people through burnouts and stress through science-based solutions. Additionally, Arianna is an accomplished author of 15books.

  • Seth Gordin

When you need marketing inspiration, you ought to look at Seth Gordin. Seth has authored 18books that has earned him a place in the marketing hall of fame.

Other notable accomplishments from Seth Gordin include popular projects like Purple cow and the dip. He has also undertaken other business ventures. Seth Gordin is an instrumental leader in the modern marketing niche.

  • Dan Cobley

Dan Cobley is slowly taking over the tech industry as a key opinion leader. His experience working with companies like Google as a brand solutions Vice president has been instrumental in who he is today.

Dan is a managing partner at Blenheim Chalcot. The company is a leading digital venture builder in the UK. Dan has as well built a large following on Twitter. Cobley brings in his leadership by shaping opinions on the future of the tech industry.

  • Mel Carson

Mel Carson has built his brand over the years as an influencer, social media, Personal Branding, and Digital PR strategist over the years. His experience includes working as a social media manager for Microsoft.

Besides, Mel is an author, founder, and CEO of Delightful. Delightful is a digital marketing agency and also does personal branding. When looking to grow your branding and social media strategy, Mel offers useful insights that can help you succeed.

  • Margie Warrel

Margie Warrel is a Forbes magazine columnist. She is also an ABC News commentator as well as Todays Show. Margie has authored notable publications like Find your courage and stop playing safe.

Women’s rights are the center of their advocacy.

Margie champions for gender equality and envisions a future with more women in leadership. She shares that people must fix the things that hold them back and focus on living brave lives. Margie is a key opinion leader in the leadership niche.

Importance of KOLs to your business

Companies seeking to grow must follow KOLs from in their field. Opinions matter a lot when they involve your customers and investors. You ought to listen to what key leaders in your niche view some products and services. The power of social influence has changed how businesses used to run several years back.

Additionally, the use of data analysis tools in the digital industry can also bring the change you desperately need for your company. Netbase Quid can help you with social media, analysis, data mining, and natural language processing that are crucial for picking the right KOLs for your business.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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