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Nd d5 Benefits of Workplace Games for Your Business



Workplace Games

Do you want to increase productivity in the workplace? Get down to business by playing games! Implementing a game day can provide benefits you never thought possible.

Read on to learn the 5 pros of playing workplace games with your employees.

  1. Collaboration

Games work awesome for teambuilding. They encourage collaboration by bringing everybody together in a fun and stress-free way. Alone, each employee offers a useful skillset. Together, those skillsets hold the potential to become greater than their sum.

But, for that to happen, they need to learn how to offset each other’s weaknesses and complement their strengths through teamwork. Great games that promote collaboration include escape rooms and Capture the Flag.

Playing these games with employees will bring them closer together. Learning more about one another means collaborating more effectively.

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  1. Trust

Trust builds the foundation of every relationship from romantic to professional. Without trust, you will find working in tandem difficult.

Set up a Trust Building Obstacle Course to help employees learn to depend on one another. This involves partnering people up. One person goes through the obstacle while the other leads them through it with verbal cues.

A trust fall provides another physical way to help your workers build faith in one another as well. As one person lets go of control and falls back, the rest of the group catches them. This symbolizes relinquishing control and trusting your team to do their job.

  1. Communication

Effective communication will help operations run smoothly for your business. This will aid in building strong relationships between employees, achieving your goals, and boost morale.

Common options for games that improve communication include telephones, charades, and any tabletop puzzles. You might also run a game like Misunderstanding.

In this game, one person describes an undisclosed object with detail and the rest of the players draw it from their description. This will help your employees recognize where they need to improve on explanations or listening skills.

  1. Productivity

Happiness increases productivity by 12%-20% of the average employee. Playing workplace games with employees will create a fun atmosphere, which leads to happiness.

Increase employee engagement and productivity with games that inspire it. Make a game out of selling your products or services with a cool prize that goes to the winner.

  1. Competitive Edge

Research suggests that physical competition can improve people’s attention span and performance. Playing games regularly may increase the competitive edge of your company overall.

Try to pair up people who work together in one area to compete with people in another. For example, accounting vs. human resources. Fun, physical games include Tug of War and Relay Races. Both will get hearts pumping while inspiring some healthy competition within the workspace.

Play Workplace Games

Play workplace games and watch how your business flourishes in a fun and unique way. Find time to fit in the activities that hone in on the aspects you hope to develop for your team.

We want to help you continuously build success. Read more tips on the business section of our website.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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