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Moving to University or College? Here Are Few Tips and Tricks



University or College

Going to college is an exciting part of every student’s life. It is a whole new world where you are independent and managing everything from your studies to living space all on your own for the first time. While you can look forward to all the fun you are going to have in college, there is one thing that you should pay attention to right now, which is to plan your big move. You must leave for a temporary stay in a different location, which necessitates a significant amount of packing, decluttering, organizing, and cleaning. Fortunately, you will have a seamless transition into your college dorm.

  1. Figure out what you want to take:

Moving to college is a two-to-four-year affair, so you’ll have to take a fair amount of stuff with you. However, many college students make the mistake of packing their whole house and then struggling to manage everything in limited dorm space. So, the first thing to do is sort out everything you own and make a list of stuff you need to take with you. Then move on to something you might need, things you better take along, and finally, the things that will be just a waste of space. When moving to college, one of the best ways to downsize is to donate unwanted stuff. It is a rewarding thing to do and one of the quickest ways to sort stuff out for a seamless move. You should also review the list of items given by your college that are necessary for your stay, such as washing supplies, toiletries, and so on.

Additionally, suppose you are running short of time. In that case, you can always seek help from professional movers when preparing to move to college. They know how to maneuver through tight corners, up and downstairs, and in busy areas, removing the stress of moving items on your own.

  1. Use boxes and a labeling method:

You have your list of essentials to take to college, and now it’s time to pack. You may think that the worst was over when you made the list of things for your move, but the real struggle starts with packing. If you don’t want to end up with long days of unpacking and damaged goods, then resort to moving boxes. There is nothing better than cardboard or plastic boxes for a move as they are space-saving, easy to transport, and unpack. The best way to ensure that you have a quick unpacking session is to use the labeling system. Label each box and sort your things accordingly, such as books, clothes, appliances, fragile goods, packing essentials, and more. Since large boxes are too heavy to carry and things won’t fit in a small box, you should go with medium-sized boxes that are also easy to fit in an average-sized car.

  1. Sort out your dorm space:

Many students tend to misjudge the space available in college dorms, but the truth is that almost all college dorms are cramped. The space is limited, and you have to share it with a roommate, so you have to pack and organize accordingly. It is best that you take a pre-move tour of the college campus and the dorm to get an idea of the space you’ll be living in and what compromises you’ll have to make in terms of packing. It is also a safe option to contact your roommate beforehand and discuss who would bring which essentials to avoid unnecessary duplication. Pack only a few personal items or essential appliances such as a desk fan or lamp, a small microwave, a room cooler (if there is no air conditioning), and so on. Don’t forget to read the college’s housing and residential guidelines and the rules regarding the appliances you can bring along.

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  1. Choose your moving options:

Do you want your college move to be quick or a long family affair? Does your budget allow you to hire a moving company, or do you have to make do with a personal vehicle? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself when thinking about your moving options to college. If you have limited transportation options or if your college is far away. Then we’d recommend hiring a moving company so that you can finish everything in a single drive. However, with a limited budget, the only option that remains is to squeeze everything in the family car or rent a van. In any way, you must make this decision as soon as possible to avoid any potential last-minute mix-up. If you are going for a moving company, they will be in great demand in the season, so plan.

  1. Go for self-storage:

When it comes to storing your prized possessions and essential items, self-storage units are a lifesaver. Possibly, you might not be able to take everything with you when moving to college, no matter how necessary the item may be. However, you can make things easier by renting a self-storage unit in the vicinity of your on or off-campus housing. In this way, you can avoid making your dorm space too congested and easily access your items whenever you want without worrying about their safety. Renting self-storage facilities is also a cost-effective alternative for college students. Particularly for those who do not want to go back and forth between campus and home for a few belongings.

  1. Move early and organize:

By now, you must know how beneficial it is for you to plan ahead of your big college move. We recommend that you leave nothing to the last minute and pack and plan your move as early as possible. The earlier you move, the better chances you’ll have for a less congested move. Not only on campus, but you’ll also find less traffic when every student is not on their way to college. You will have the advantage of taking your sweet time to clean up the room and organize according to your preference. Moving a week or two early will give you plenty of time to unpack, declutter, manage, and even do a little shopping spree before the semester starts.


If you don’t want the next big move of your life not to be chaotic and frustrating, then start planning for your college move today. These essential tips will smooth the transition to a college student living in a clean and organized dorm room. Ensure that you pack what you need and make a list of all essential items beforehand to avoid a mess. It is a great idea to tour the campus and the dorm before moving and coordinate with your roommate so that you can avoid overpacking.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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