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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal



Most Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

The process in which the laser is used to remove unwanted hair from the body is termed laser hair removal. In this process, light beams are condensed on the hair follicles, and the hair is removed.

How is this process used?

Bareskin at Home Laser Machine suppliers says that at the start of the laser hair removal process, beams of intense light are concentrated onto the unwanted hair. After that, the light penetrates through the skin and targets the melanin. After adequate application of light to the melanin, the unwanted hair is removed from the body.

Where is it used? 

The basic function of the laser hair removal treatment is to reduce unwanted hair. The most ordinary treatment locations include legs, upper lip, chin, arms, etc. Except for the eyelid or the surrounding area, as it is a very delicate part of the body. Due to this treatment, it is now possible to remove as much hair as one wishes to from any body part.

This process has been in practice for the last two decades. This technology has now gained worldwide recognition and popularity due to its numerous features. It is being practiced in clinics by dermatologists and medical practitioners as well. If we compare this process with other hair removal treatments, then we conclude that this is more helpful and beneficial.

Benefits of laser hair removal

The following are some of the good reasons why a patient should opt for this treatment.

  • This process is applicable to both large and small areas of the body.
  • It enhances skin color and makes it more uniform.
  • Sometimes, it happens that after getting 3to 4 sessions, patients completely get rid of the unwanted hair.
  • After three to four sessions of this process, the chances of the growth of undesired hair are reduced compared to threading and waxing.
  • Moreover, patients will get expedient results very fast. After two weeks, they will be able to conclude how far this procedure has worked out.

Factors that make the patients hesitate to use laser hair removal

As no hair removal method is completely perfect, that is why, despite multiple pros, there are some cons as well that a person should know before taking the initiative in this process. The following are some reasons why the patients resist using this procedure of hair removal.

  • Till now, this process has not been approved as a source of permanent hair removal.
  • In some cases, it proves to be a long term process. If a patient is willing to see some real results, then he/she should take several sessions first.
  • If an untrained technician is applying this process to the patient’s body, there are chances of skin burning and scars on the affected skin.
  • Some of the disastrous results which a patient could have include swelling, itching, numbness, tingling, discoloration, etc.
  • A person is supposed to take several sessions for two to three weeks, so, in this regard, the process might prove expensive and time taking.

Some Frequently Asked Questions 

In light of the above discussion, the following are some of the frequently asked questions by the patients who are attracted to using this process for removing hair from their body but are somewhat hesitant.

Q1: For what reasons, laser treatment patients recommend this procedure to other persons with unwanted hair?

ANS: Mostly, patients are satisfied with this treatment. Almost 97 percent of the patients that opt for laser hair removal are known to achieve the expected results. Moreover, it has higher ratings as compared to waxing and threading.

Q2: On the basis of what reasons people should opt for laser hair removal? 

ANS: This method of removing unwanted hair from the body has a vast chance of getting rid of the hair for a long time. Moreover, the patients also do not need any other painful procedures like tweezing, shaving, waxing, threading, etc., after laser hair removal.

Q3: Is this process efficient for both men and women simultaneously?

ANS: The one-word answer to this question is “Yes.” As both genders have some physical structures and face unwanted hair, more or less; that is why this method is equally applicable to both genders.

Q4: When are the results expected after using this hair removal process?

ANS: It does not matter what sort of skin or hair type a patient has. They will get the expected results of unwanted hair removal in a span of 4-6 weeks.

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Q5: How cost-efficient is this hair removal process for the patients? 

ANS: This method not only saves money, but it also saves the patient’s time. It is helpful as it is not pain-causing. The cost and time period of this treatment is less than other hair removal processes like waxing.

Q6: What are the methods of laser hair removal in practice around the globe? 

ANS:  There are two processes that are used for the reduction of undesired hair from the body. These include Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and diode. These two processes have achieved global recognition and acceptance equally.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Q7: How IPL is different from laser treatment?

ANS: During the process of laser treatment, beams of light having a single wavelength are concentrated and targeted on the melanin in the hair. On the other hand, IPL treatment uses a spectrum of light. But, the ultimate results of both these processes are optimal.

Q8: What is the cost of laser hair removal treatment?

ANS: The cost of this procedure varies from person to person and skin to skin. Moreover, it is not possible that each patient will take the same time period for their treatment. The average cost, according to the 2017 cosmetology blog, is as follows.

Low: $60

Average: $329

High: $906

Q9: How long does this laser hair removal process proceed? If a patient does not get the expected results soon?

ANS: As some patients have dark skin, and some are blessed with soft skin. So, the most probable time period is around a month to two months. This method does not depend on any device; rather, it depends on how the affected patient’s skin responds.

Q10: What is the patient supposed to do after getting the laser hair removal process? 

ANS: The following are the few steps that a patient should opt for after going through this process.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Take proper medical instructions from the doctor.
  • Avoid touching tanning equipment.

Q11: Write some possible side effects of this procedure?

ANS: Swelling, redness, itching, burning, scarring, infections, darkening. These are some of the possible after-effects of this treatment.

Q12: On to which skin type, this type of hair removal process is more suitable?

ANS: In the past, this process was only applicable to those persons having dark hair and light skin. Now, this technology is working on a big scale. This treatment is now being implemented on light-colored hair, light skin, and dark skin. Therefore, it can be said that it is applicable to all types of skins.

Q13: How many possible sessions are required for this treatment?

ANS: Approximately four sessions are enough to see some desired results. It is because, in this process, light is targeted on growing hair when they are in an inactive growth stage. That is why multiple sessions are required to remove all the hair in the affected area.

Q14: Will this treatment will give the same results if applied on grey and light blonde hair? 

ANS: This process is not applicable to people having grey and light blonde hair. Before going for laser hair removal, a person should first refer to an expert physician if he is willing to achieve some desirable results.

Q15: What sort of technicians are eligible for laser hair removal treatment?

ANS: Only those technicians who are certified and verified are eligible for doing this process. They are trained to work on laser treatment devices to reduce undesired hair without causing any problematic situation for the patient and themselves.

Q16: Does laser hair removal procedure hurt?

ANS: It varies from person to person. It is like snaking a rubber band against the skin for some patients, and some are sensitive towards this process. To reduce pain and get effective results, one needs to adopt all safety precautions and avoid all the doctor’s forbidden things.

Q17: How far is this process safe?

ANS: The US Food and Drugs Administration has considered the laser treatment process a very safe and effective process since 1997The only condition is that only licensed technicians are allowed to perform this process.

Q18: How long does the laser treatment process work?

ANS: After using this process, some people permanently get rid of unwanted hair while some need to go again after six months for their treatment.

Q19: What are the age restrictions for using this process?

ANS: There is no specific age limit. But, a person should wait till puberty in order to get effective results. Females are not treated before their menstrual cycle starts.

Q20: What patients need to do before they go for laser hair removal?

ANS: Patients are not allowed to go for waxing, tanning, plucking if they are going to opt for the laser treatment process in the future.

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