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What is Missed Call Banking & How it Works?



What is Missed Call Banking & How it Works

The Indian Banking sector has come a long way. If we look back into the times when we had to visit the branch of the bank to change something. Or say to deposit or withdraw the money from our bank account.

We realize how things have changed to a great extent. But not there is almost no need to visit the branch of the bank to do things like that. You can deposit money as well as withdraw the money without having to go to the branch. In the same way, the other perks of the bank account have also improved a lot.

When the ATM cards were introduced in India you had to use them in the ATM machine which is owned by your bank. But now this is not the case you can use your ATM card with the machines of other banks.

Even if you are in a foreign country you can make use of your ATM card. Provided you should an international debit card on which you have activated the international payments. Our banks always work on implementing new technologies and improving current technologies. I will explain to you about the missed call banking today. Meanwhile you can check call center speech analytics.

What is Missed Call Banking?

One of the amazing banking feature offered by the bank in India is the missed call banking. With the help of the missed call banking, you can do many things like checking your balance and stuff. All you have to do is give a missed call and you are done with it.

If you wanted to check the remaining balance in your account then you will be able to do that just by giving a missed call. Almost all the banks in India offer this feature free of cost. This means if you want to use this service then there is no need to pay anything extra to the bank.

How does this Service work?

We just discussed what missed call banking is. But how does it works? In the case of missed call banking, there are different phone numbers or mobile number which are assigned by your bank for a certain feature. For example, let us consider that you have a bank account with Canara Bank.

In the case of Canara Bank, the phone number they have assigned to check the bank balance is 09015483483. So you being the customer of the bank you have to give a missed call to this phone number to check the balance.

Missed Call Banking Working

What are the Requirements to Use this Service?

If you want to use a missed call banking service then you should have your registered mobile number with you. And on your registered mobile number you should have an active telecom plan so that you will be allowed to make a call. If you don’t have an activated telecom plan then it is quite obvious that your bank will not allow you to make the call. These are the only two requirements you have to fulfill to make use of the missed call banking service offered by your bank.

What are the Functions Offered?

There are multiple functions of missed call banking. The major function or feature of this service I can say is to check the balance that is remaining in your bank account. 70% of the people who use this service are fans of this because they are now able to check the balance by giving a missed call.

Other than checking the balance you can also request a mini statement from the bank. And there are some banks which allow their customers to choose the language in which they want to interact.

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How does the Bank respond to the Call?

You should note one thing this service is completely automated. This means there are no humans working on this service. The bank has already programmed their system to send to the customers whenever it is requested. Now the question is how the bank’s system, will send you the data you are requesting?

When you call the bank’s number the call will be automatically disconnected. And as soon as the call is disconnected you will receive an SMS from the bank. This SMS will contain the information you have requested from the bank.

Is there any limit?

Although this service is free of cost there are some banks that have a limit on how many times the customer care uses it. While a major percentage of the banks do not impose the limit. The best way to know if your bank has set the limit is by calling customer care.

It is difficult to find this information on the official website. And that is the reason why I recommend you to call the customer care of the bank and ask them if they have set any limits.

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What About Registration Requirement?

When the questions are whether you need to register for this service separately. Then let me tell you that 80% of the banks will give you this service preactivated.

This means there is no need to activate this service on your end. Whereas the other 20% of banks require their customers to send an SMS with a particular keyword mentioned. Once they send the SMS the service will be activated for their account.

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