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Medication Reminders: 5 Creative Ways to Help You Remember to Take Your Meds



About 50% of Americans have medications that they do not take as prescribed. Some of this has to be attributed to the fact that they simply forget.

Figuring out how to remember to take medication every day is not as easy as just doing it. Some people need extra help.

This is where our medication reminder tips can help! Keep reading as we discuss some tactics you can try for your own medication reminders.

1. Set an Alarm

A simple and easy way to get a reminder about taking your medication is with an alarm. Today, most people have a smartphone, and with that device comes the capability of setting an alarm for any time of day.

Depending on what your regular routine is, it may be better to set your alarm for the morning or from the night. You should also consider other factors, like if your medicine needs to be digested with food or if there is a specific order in which your medications should be taken.

2. Ask for Support

You can work with your family or friends to get reminders about taking medications. Perhaps they can set an alarm on their own devices, or they can just ask you if you’ve taken your pills or not.

Even if your support system doesn’t live with you, they can always give you a call or text to inquire about your medication use for the day.

3. Use a Pill Dispenser

You’ve seen these before. They are the dispensers with a letter starting with each day of the week over separated compartments that your grandparents may have used. However, these aren’t just for elderly people – anyone that takes medications can use them.

You might think it’s silly to use a pill dispenser if you only have one or two pills to take, but planning this ahead of time will allow you to remember if you did actually take the medicine or not on any given day.

4. Take Them With a Daily Activity

Another easy idea is to think of an activity that you do every day and take your pills when you do that activity. For instance, some people will take their pills right after they brush their teeth or eat their breakfast.

Once you establish a routine, you’ll be able to remember much more easy to do something because it becomes a habit.

5. Get Help From Your Doctor

Your doctor can help you come up with other ideas if none of these work for you.

Alternatively, they may be able to work with the pharmacy to get your medication in a blister pack so that you know whether or not you already took a pill on a specific day. This can be useful for people that don’t necessarily need to take their pill at a specific time.

You may be able to get some PricePro coupons as well to help save on medications in the future. This way, you can spend your savings on tools that will help you with your med management.

Simple Medication Reminders Will Help You

There is no denying that taking your daily medication is essential for your overall health. However, for some people, it can be really difficult to remember to actually do it!

This is where medication reminders like the ones discussed here come into play. Use one or more of these at a time to make sure you’re taking your medications on time.

Next, take a look at some of our other posts to get more creative ideas for medication management.

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