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Mars In The Houses – Astrology



Mars In The Houses

Do you want to know your house position of the Mars? Here we have given the complete details on it just sit tight and read it till the end. Mars is always ready for battle and is always there to fight for your rights. Wherever you find Mars in your natal chart you must stick up for it and protect yourself.

It usually shows how your body shows what you really need. Mars is the planet of desire, attraction, aggression, and endurance. Mars is like fuel that sparks the fire and keeps the engine in working state. It encourages us and give confidence to start new projects new ideas and new trails and also give us stamina until we succeed in that project or trail.

We have seen the angers of Mars is quite necessary as to keep you going in positive way but on the other hand, it can also harm you if you take it so far without controlling it. By keeping the anger healthy and restrained it will benefit you. In this article, we will share 6 Mars in the houses from which you have to decide your house position of the Mars.

Mars In The First House

If you are in first house of Mars that you present yourself in an assertive manner and is full of energy and you will enjoy being active. These people know how to get the thing they want and how to fight for it. They are very impatient and gets angry when things don’t got quickly or as they want. These people want to be a leader – to be at first to lead everyone. People tend to be straightforward no matter where they are, they always be honest and straightforward.

Mars In The Second House

People in the second house have much energy and their actions expend with respect to money and personal possessions. They are impulsive and spend money when they want to. You have the strong will to gain wealth. Saving is probably hard for you people as you love to spend money as much as you can. You must concentrate on your saving ability.

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Mars In The Third House

If you are in third house, you must be a quick thinker and assertive communicator. You people wants to win an argument and know how to fight for it to be correct. They are very defensive when it comes to defend in what they believe is correct. You people can have problems with siblings and neighbors as of impulsive thinking instead of analytical thinking. You must focus on improving your analytical thinking and try to learn what to not defend if you are wrong.

Mars In The Fourth House

If your house position is in fourth house, then you must want early independence and want a house of your own that you control. This causes tension in your family environment and you are too demanding to your closed ones. You must overcome your hidden antagonisms and quarrelsomeness. You love to take the leadership of the house and family that makes it a problem in the house.

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Mars In The Fifth House

If you are in fifth house, you tend to go in that area that gives you pleasure. You must be a risk-taker, gambler, or speculator. You love playing sports and like to spend good time. These people love to take risk and enjoy competitive gaming that involves risk and action. They also love to play games that are more mental kind. Also you love to spend energy in romance and dating. Winning in any field is very important to you people and you prefer sports and sport like games that are competitive.

Mars In The Six House

If your position is in six house, you must be a tireless, efficient and hard working person. You always have conflict at work with those people who tend to spend less energy than you do which makes problem in between you and others. You are always involved in the health work where energy is required as you love being active. These people also love to spend their energy on pets most likely on dogs as dogs are super active always.

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