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Lawn Decorations That Add Character and Taste to Your Home



Did you know that the classic pink plastic flamingo of the 50s is so famous and beloved that it was named the official bird of Madison, Wisconsin? However, our love of outdoor lawn decorations goes beyond kitschy fake birds and garden gnomes. The right lawn and garden decor can turn your yard into an elaborate landscape or whimsical garden.

Read on for some ideas on using lawn decorations and examples to get you inspired!

Create a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are hugely popular are creative, whimsical scenes that use a combination of small plants, statues, and tiny accessories and structures like arches, doors, swings, furniture, and more. They are commonly built near the base of trees or in container gardens.

Succulent plants like aloe vera, echeveria, lithops, zebra plants, and pachyveria are common editions to fairy gardens.

Add Unique Decor

You do not have to use the same cookie-cutter decor as your neighbors if you want your home to stand out. Skillfully crafted garden decor will help set your yard apart and create a beautiful and inviting environment. Consider the style of your home and the theme you want to evoke.

Use Thrifted, Reclaimed, or Upcycled Items

It is amazing what you can do with some old furniture and a little spray paint. Before throwing out that old nightstand or dining room chair, take a look at some DIY ideas to upcycle used goods into elegant lawn & garden decor. Additionally, thrift stores are a treasure trove for garden accessories and yard decor.

Get Creative With Your Gardening

A key element of landscaping is incorporating different textures and utilizing multiple levels of your yard to give the space a complex and exciting design. Use different types of planters and hanging baskets with a variety of flora and fauna.

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Pick a Theme or Style

Classic yard and garden styles include English countryside cottage, Japenese Zen, Santa Fe, Mediterranean, and more. Each of these different themes features different kinds of lawn decor. For example, decorations seen in an English countryside cottage-style yard are stone statues, benches, birdbaths, birdhouses, and, of course, a lot of flowers and plants.

Decorating Advice

Your lawn is the first thing that your neighbors and visitors see, so it says a lot about your character, personality, and lifestyle. Make sure the elements you add to your lawn or garden speak to who you are.

Develop a plan for your lawn, so do not overdo it. A few larger pieces may be better than many small ones. Placement is just as important as the piece itself.

Beautiful Lawn Decorations and Garden Ideas

Well-selected designs lawn decorations can completely transform the exterior of your home. Use creative decor and materials and consider following a theme to create a unique space. Remember, you are showing the world an element of yourself, so make it authentic and beautiful.

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