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Invert The Colors Of Images For Intriguing Effects



Invert The Colors Of Images For Intriguing Effects

Find out what happens with photo when you invert its colors and learn how to create this effect for yourself.

What is Image Inversion

Inversion of colors begins its history with analog photographs. Inverting a black-and-white film negative makes the dark areas brighter, turning the negative into an image that we can understand.

In digital photography, color inversion is now primarily used to create fun photos. Plus, the process of inverting photos in most photo editors is very simple, allowing you to quickly create unexpected images.

When you invert a black and white image, the black pixels turn white. But if you convert a color image, the inverted photo will have opposite colors on the RGB or CMYK color wheel. This means that yellow turns blue and red turns turquoise.

The function of inverting the colors of images is also often used in order to examine an element in more detail, because changing colors to opposite ones helps to make darker elements lighter. Also, most modern smartphones have a function of inverting screen colors and you can enable this on your smartphone and check how it works.

How to invert photos

Most image editing programs have a function to invert the colors of images, but there are times when there are no programs at hand, but you need to edit a photo urgently. If you need to invert the colors of your image online, then the best way is to find a convenient and free online converter that can accomplish this task in no time. Try the invert image tool from and you will see how simple it is:

How to invert photos

  • Open
  • Add the images you want to invert
  • Click Invert to run the invert tool. And you will get the result instantly.
  • Save the inverted image in JPEG or PNG format and download it on your device.

That’s all! Your inverted image will appear in your browser’s downloads folder. And also it is absolutely safe, since this tool does not save your uploaded photos on the server, the inversion of colors occurs exclusively in your browser.

You can also use other effects on this site, for example, convert to black and white photo, and then invert the resulting image, this will make your inverted colors even more amazing.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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