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Hurt on One Wheel? You Might Qualify For This Class Action Lawsuit



Action Lawsuit

Single-track electric skateboards (commonly referred to as one wheels) have taken the toy and transportation industries by storm, but with that success comes growing pains, including safety issues. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has investigated these electric skateboards due to their tendency to catch fire or even explode while in use spontaneously.

If you were injured by one of these electric skateboards and wish to join a class action lawsuit, you might be entitled to compensation. Find out more about your eligibility below!

What is a one-wheel?

A one-wheel is a one-wheeled self-balancing electric skateboard. It uses a drivetrain and direct contact with your feet to keep you balanced while moving. Just lean forward to go, and lean back to stop. It’s built for use inside and outside—no bumps or hills are needed! Have more fun by adding your accessories, including Bluetooth speakers, lights, cameras, and more.

However, one-wheels can be a nightmare due to defects in their design.

What do one-wheel lawsuits target?

One-wheeled gyroscopic contraptions have grown in popularity recently, but they can cause serious personal injury if not used correctly or as intended. It is essential to speak with an attorney if a defective onewheel has hurt you.

Common defects that contribute to serious injury include:

Onewheel nosedive:  While it is possible to fall off a one-wheel, a more common issue is that riders can experience a sudden, unexpected loss of balance. This can occur when riding over rough terrain or hitting a bump.

Pushback:  Onewheels have a pushback feature that allows riders to use their body weight to regain balance. However, if a rider is not expecting a pushback, it can cause them to lose control of their board and fall off.

The reasons why you should be aware of this lawsuit

To date, more than 6,000 cases have been filed against Bontrager. Cases have also been filed against RST and several other bicycle component companies for manufacturing defective products. The number of people who have used their suspension forks and wheels has increased dramatically in recent years because riders can now buy bikes with front suspension forks and full-suspension mountain bikes at relatively affordable prices. You may be entitled to compensation through a Onewheel lawsuit if you’ve experienced any problems with your fork or wheel.

What legal actions are being taken against the company in question?

Sadly, people have been injured while using their Onewheel, leading to expensive medical bills and lost wages. Several personal injury claims against Future Motion have already been filed and are pending in federal court. If you were hurt while riding your Onewheel or if you know someone who was, it’s essential to act quickly. Contact a Onewheel accident lawyer today. Don’t delay!


If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, you should consider consulting with a personal injury attorney. If your injuries are relatively minor, you might be able to claim compensation through a class action lawsuit. To learn more about how to file a case against a one-wheel bike company and receive your share in damages, contact a one-wheel accident lawyer today.

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