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How WhatsApp Web Works [What’s the Difference]



How WhatsApp Web Works [What's the Difference]

When we’re at our workstation or computer at home, it can be a nuisance fiddling with our cell phone all the time. See below how WhatsApp Web works and what are its differences between the native smartphone application and the desktop version. Either WhatsApp Web or Desktop version can be a good way to keep your contacts active while concentrating on your tasks.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is a WhatsApp app used directly from your browser, no installation required. It is the extension of the WhatsApp account used on your cell phone. The messages sent and received are synchronized between the cell phone and the computer, so it is possible to view them on both devices.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Web and Desktop

Both desktop app and web version for Windows and macOS works pretty same and are very much similar to the smartphone Whatsapp app.

The web based WhatsApp enables the user to see the conversations and messages on the desktop or PC just like they see it on their smartphones. It is a mirror like thing that allows you to see Whatsapp on web using your computer keyboard.

You can even On the notifications that helps you to know what is happening(messages or calls coming) while doing your work. You don’t need to take out your smartphone from your pocket and can rely on web version of WhatsApp.

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How do WhatsApp Web and Desktop work?

The apps initially require you to scan a QR code¬†using your mobile phone to access messages and conversations. Once you’ve done that, you can put the phone in your desk drawer or pocket and forget about it, but close to your computer.

Why should the cell phone be close to the computer? This is a WhatsApp Web and Desktop security measure to prevent your conversations from becoming enabled and visible to anyone with access to the computer when you leave.

Ideally, close the app every time you go away, in case you forget, this app’s security measure will protect your personal information and conversations.

What’s the difference for the smartphone’s WhatsApp app?

The Web and Desktop apps don’t exactly offer the same functionality as the smartphone app when it comes to settings, but replying to messages and starting new conversations is the same, only easier and faster because it’s done on a bigger screen and a better keyboard.

With this information, it is easy to know how WhatsApp Web works, just check how practical this way of using the app is.

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