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How to Unclog a Sink With Standing Water in Easy Way?



How to Unclog a Sink With Standing Water in Easy Way

A clogged sink can plunge any woman into despondency. A sink filled with cloudy liquid makes it impossible to wash the dishes, emits an unpleasant odor, and aids and tools are needed to clean it. What to do in this situation? How to make the water in the sink go away.

Why Doesn’t the Water in the Sink Drain?

The water in the sink starts to drain poorly due to a number of reasons, the first of which is a blockage. In the siphon, which the sink is equipped with, residues of fat, pieces of food, detergents, hair accumulate, due to which its diameter narrows, so the liquid does not go away well.

A blockage can form due to the fact that a small object has got into the pipes: a bottle cap, a toy, a piece of paper, a paper clip. In this case, the plug, which prevents the normal drainage of water from the sink, may not be located in the siphon, but in some distant part of the pipe. Therefore, you cannot do without a special cable and plunger.

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Methods To Unclog a Sink

1. We use a plunger if the water in the sink does not drain

If the water drains slowly, then a classic plunger is the best choice. The product allows you to pump out water and air, which contributes to the destruction of the blockage. Using a plunger, it is worth closing the second drain with a cork or a damp cloth, you can clean the blockage together using 2 plungers, respectively.

2. Cleaning the siphon

Even if the water in the kitchen sink runs off normally, the siphon must be cleaned at least 2 times a year. The fact is that a variety of debris is collected in this element of the water drainage system, which leads to severe blockages.

The most fragile girl will be able to clean the siphon, following our instructions:

  • Wear gloves to protect delicate hands;
  • Place a container for collecting water under the siphon, spread a floor cloth;
  • If there is a lot of water in the sink, wait until it slowly drains away. If the water does not pass through the pipes at all, then scoop it out;
  • There is a lid at the bottom of the siphon, which must be carefully unscrewed. Do not make sudden movements, otherwise liquid and debris will scatter through the kitchen;
  • The rubber O-ring will fall out of the siphon. The ring must be kept because it will still be useful to you;
  • Now it is worth removing the blockage from the siphon using a sharp metal object (a screwdriver or knife wrapped in an unnecessary piece of rags);
  • Now unscrew the tap with water to wash out small debris;
  • If the water in the sink runs off perfectly, then replace the O-ring and the siphon cover, then wipe the floor!

The work is not pleasant, but it helps to quickly remove the blockage without much material loss. Note that if after this procedure the water does not leave, then the blockage is located deep in the pipes, therefore it is necessary to use a cable.

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3. Cleaning with a rope

The cable is a radical way to “cure” blockages, which has proven itself well.

First, you need to purchase a cable, it is better to choose a model equipped with a special handle. The cables are made of high-strength steel, resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion, so such products will serve you for more than 50 years.

Using a cable, you must carefully place its end, equipped with a brush or a hook, into the drain hole, after which the cable must be pushed into the pipe by turning the special handle. Sooner or later, the end of the cable will hit the blockage, at which point you must push it sharply inward, destroying the mud plug. The method is laborious, but it gives a 100% guarantee that the water will go away.

Advice! After destroying the blockage, be sure to flush the pipes with plenty of boiling water. It is necessary to pour at least 5-7 liters of hot water into the sink.

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