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How to Support Your Friend After a Miscarriage



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While some pregnancies experience few or no issues as nature takes its course, some women may find themselves faced with a miscarriage. A miscarriage is not only the loss of life but the loss of dreams and hopes that a mother held for their future child. As a friend, trying to support your friend through this difficult time can leave you wondering what exactly it is you should be doing to give them the most support they need to properly mourn and work through this. If you have a friend who recently experienced a miscarriage, let’s dive into a few suggestions to help you help them.

Look for simple ways to show her that you’re there and you care.

In times of pregnancy loss, we may struggle to find a way to help mom navigate her feelings. The truth? Helping her is almost always simpler than we may anticipate. One way to help them feel supported and surrounded with love is to look for miscarriage gifts. Following infant loss, this may look like getting her thoughtful gifts like jewelry (such as a bracelet or an angel wing necklace so that she always has something to remember her child) or candles and flowers with certain aromas to soothe her.

Of course, another great way to show that you’re there for her is to do simple things like take care of some household chores or help her with certain tasks when she’s feeling down. It doesn’t have to be the perfect gift in order to make an impact. The most important thing is to be there with her and support her in any way you can that makes a difference in how she feels.

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Listen to her and help her get care if she needs it.

The loss of a child is naturally going to be preceded by a mourning period. Listening to your friend and allowing her to vent and express her grief free from judgment or advice is one of the best ways you can make her feel loved and cared for at a time when she may feel most alone. That being said, grief doesn’t always run its course. Complicated grief or symptom of depression may come into play if she’s experiencing difficulty with the loss.

In this case, all the right words and support may not offer her the type of support she needs. Instead, you’ll want to look for therapists near you (for example, Googling “therapist in the DC area“) who have the experience needed to guide her through her feelings and improve her quality of life. Still, having family members and friends on standby is important, so make sure you’re still there to act as part of her support system!

Figure out how you can memorialize the miscarriage and honor the child.

Remembrance is important for many parents who have experienced miscarriage. As such, helping your friend find ways to memorialize their lost child can help them move forward more successfully. This can mean planting a tree in their honor, engraving the baby’s name and expected due date on a memorial gift like a miscarriage necklace, or even setting up a small altar or remembrance box with ultrasound pictures, candles, and a birthstone. However, they feel comfortable memorializing their lost child, help them by setting up the memorial or getting them the materials they need to memorialize their child properly.

Miscarriages can be very difficult for a mother to deal with, and a grieving mom needs all of the support they can get during this difficult time to move forward and work through the emotions they’re feeling. If you’re a friend of a mother who lost their child, the brief guide above will show you some ways you can offer the support you want to for your friend.

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