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How to Start a Home Watch Business



The FBI recorded 1,401,840 burglaries in 2017, with forced entry used in 57.5 percent of all burglaries.

This rate might be why people and organizations want to invest in a home watch business. A home watch business would allow you to take on more community-based functions in your neighborhood. You’d be acting as a watchman of sorts to protect your neighbors’ homes, as well as your own.

If this interests you, keep reading to discover how you can start your company strategy for your home watch business and make it successful.

Define Your Services

If you’re considering starting a home watch business, the first step is to define your services. What services will you offer?

Will you check on the property and make sure everything is secure, or will you also provide concierge services, like picking up the mail, watering plants, and taking out the trash? Will you charge hourly or by the month?

Once you know what services you’ll offer and how you’ll price them, you can begin marketing your business to potential clients. You can easily manage your new business by working on a software system that can help monitor and track everything that goes through your company. You can view these home watch services if you are interested.

Design Your Business Plan

When you start a business, the first step is to design a comprehensive business plan. This document will serve as your road map, helping you make critical decisions about your start-up costs, target market, marketing strategy, and more.

Remember to keep your target market in mind as you make decisions about your business. And be sure to consult an experienced business attorney to ensure your plan is legally sound.

Research Your Competition

Consider what services you can offer to set you apart from the competition. It will help you understand the market and what services are already being offered. Look at national and local companies to see what they’re doing right and where there’s room for improvement.

Perhaps you can offer a more personalized service or include additional services like pet care. Once you understand the competition well, you can start putting together your business plan and marketing strategy.

Set Your Pricing

It would help if you did set your pricing. It depends on several factors, including the services you offer, the geographical area you cover, and the type of homes you’re looking after.

In general, you’ll need to charge enough to cover your costs and make a profit, but not so much that you’re pricing yourself out of the market. Do some research to determine what other businesses in your area are charging, and then come up with a pricing structure that makes sense.

Create Your Marketing Plan

A marketing plan will help you determine your ideal customer, what services you will offer, and how you will reach your target market. It is essential to have a clear and concise plan that you can refer to as your business grows.

Creating a marketing plan may seem like a lot of work, but it is essential to starting a home watch business. By taking the time to develop a plan, you will be better prepared to serve your target market and grow your business.

Company Strategy

Home watch businesses are a company strategy that creates a sense of security for customers while away. By providing regular inspections, homeowners can be assured that their property is well-maintained. With some planning and hard work, you can be the proud owner of a successful home watch business.

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