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How to Smile With Your Eyes: A Guide Tyra Banks Would Be Proud Of



Since the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for face masks has skyrocketed to record heights. In 2020, the UN forecasted about 2.4 billion consumer demand in surgical face masks alone.

Donning masks as protection from the virus means learning how to smile with your eyes better. Face masks are now a norm, making people more sensitive to eye contact and body language. For instance, people do not recognize a smile covered by masks when not projected into the eyes.

It’s now more crucial than ever that you need to practice smiling with your eyes!

Smiling with your eyes was already a thing even before the Covid-19 pandemic. On America’s Next Top Model Season 13, Tyra Banks coined “smize”. This new term came from the phrase “smile with your eyes.”

This article will help you smile with your eyes like a supermodel. A Tyra Banks approved smize, if you will. Here are our top tips to guide you to smile with your eyes.

Loosen Up

You should chill out and relax. The last thing you would want is to look like a robot – all stiff and awkward. Roll your shoulders backward, then do it again forward to soften them.

You can also tilt your neck to loosen it. This move gives you relief from having too much tension.

Sometimes, anxiety causes your stiffness. So, it’s best to practice some breathing exercises to remove your temporary stress.

It’s always best to take a deep, calming breath. Inhale through your nose, pause for a few moments, and exhale through your mouth real slow. Repeat this process at least five times.

Find Something to Focus On

Pick a focal point. Remember that you should be able to center your perspective. It will keep your eyes from wandering around and without aim.

Avoid moving your eyes too much as it gives the impression of being uneasy or uncertain. You can aim your gaze and keep it steady by choosing a focal point.

During photoshoots, direct your focus on someone when projecting your smiling eyes. Your attention could include the photographer or the camera. Any staff in the studio will also do.

You can interact with them to pull off a genuine smile.

You can also focus on an object at the correct height where the photographer instructs you to gaze.

All these tricks apply in general circumstances. You can do these also when communicating with people face-to-face or during virtual meetings.

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Squint Your Eyes

There are types of smiles that make you squint your eyes. The best one is the Duchenne smile. A Duchenne smile reaches your eyes, causing its corners to wrinkle up.

It’s the smile that most people perceive as the most genuine display of joy. Practice in front of the mirror until you can make your eyes squint without the rest of your face moving. You can do this by tightening the muscles right under your lower lid.

Once you get it, your temples will begin to shift as you try the smize. It happens because you’re modifying the expression and form of your eyes. The only way to achieve this is to move the upper facial muscles when you position your gaze.

Also, your brows can help express your facial emotions. When you make eye contact with a stranger, a slight eyebrow raise could mean that you are greeting hello. You can raise them to help your eyes convey enthusiasm.

Smile With Your Mouth

You can also try to laugh a little to do the trick. It makes your body comfortable and your smile more genuine. There aren’t definite types of smile shapes required for this.

Try to giggle if that’s more comfortable for you. A fake laugh can also do the trick. Laughing is a calming and relaxing feeling that could bring out a natural smile.

Smiling with your eyes alone will look weird and funny without your mask. Give yourself a break and try smiling with your mouth with or without face masks. If you aren’t confident, an Invisalign dentist could help you have a perfect smile.

During photoshoots, consider anything amusing. You can try thinking about a hilarious experience you’ve had in the past. If you can’t laugh out loud, try to chuckle inside.

Body Speaks

To better express your feelings, you must also maintain eye contact and use body language.

Body language can communicate a lot. For instance, it is hard for people to recognize that you’re smiling if you cross your arms. People will also get confused with your expressions when your gaze is on the floor.

Take the same posture and attitude as the individual with whom you are having a conversation. Maintaining eye contact with them can also help them notice that you are smiling even while wearing a mask.

Show your grin with other parts of your body. It may confuse you, but it is possible to do.

You can do this by displaying open arms and positive sign language. Doing this action can convey a more positive attitude and energy.

Being Extra

To complete a supermodel smize, you have to be more creative. Don’t stop at simply learning how to do it. You can make your smize look extra by applying light eye makeup.

Achieve a simple look by applying light eyeliner. You can go ahead and curl your eyelashes too! Also, go for eyeshadows to make your eyes pop.

Remember that too much does not always look good. Too many elements can cause a distraction to people. Avoid colors that are too dark so people will focus on your genuine looking smize and not on your eye makeup.

Practice to Smile With Your Eyes!

People have become more sensitive when it comes to reading facial expressions. Communicate better by practicing how to smile with your eyes. Loosen up, squint your eyes, focus, smile with your mouth, and be extra!

You now learned what does it mean to smile with your eyes. Read more of our handy guides about style, education, business, travel, and more!

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