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How To Select The Best Wedding Live Band Singapore With These 8 Tips



How To Select The Best Wedding Live Band Singapore With These 8 Tips

If you want to find out how to choose a band for a wedding and make this moment unforgettable for everyone, music is undoubtedly the key element. Everyone agrees that the ceremony’s musical performance changes it completely, transforming a formal and boring act into a beautiful and emotional occasion.

What about the party? The success of the celebration depends mainly on the music. That’s why we present 8 great tips to help you know how to choose a Wedding Live Band Singapore. So start reading these useful tips below!

8 Tips To Choose Best Wedding Live Band Singapore

1. Find A Band According To Your Wedding

Obviously, an intimate beach wedding is not the same as a ceremony for hundreds of guests in a castle. Therefore, the musical styles indicated for each of them are profoundly different.

In addition, the couple’s musical preferences are not always the same, so it is essential to find a band that not only integrates with the whole event, but also reflects their essence and personality.

Remember, as you reflect on how to choose a wedding live band, that the musical group will need space and certain requirements. Write down whatever musicians request to transfer this information to their caterer’s caterer to ensure they have enough space available as well as the necessary facilities.

2. Making Sure Band Plays Your Favorite Song

It has happened to more than one couple who, trusting the band they hired, were surprised on their wedding day with the songs they played, as they were not at all what they expected.

In order not to leave room for improvisation, it is highly recommended that you make a list of your songs and give them to the band. That way, you can rest easy knowing that the environment will be what you were looking for.

There are many bands that, thanks to their long trajectory, know many styles and songs, while others take longer to learn. So, the sooner you know how to choose a wedding live band, the more time you have available to request any changes.

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3. Ask Friends And Family For Referrals

When seeking to understand how to choose a wedding band , get as many references as you can. After all, there is nothing more comforting than meeting people who have already enjoyed your presentation.

Ask trusted relatives and friends, but never take their opinions literally. Tastes are very varied and hardly everyone would agree with your choice.

4. Include Bandwidth-related Expenses In Your Budget

We are confident that any price paid for a musical performance will be well spent, as avoiding having an empty dance floor is a real challenge indeed.

Music groups generally don’t charge very low prices, so it’s crucial that you include these band expenses in your wedding budget. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises later.

5. Watch Some Of Their Presentations

This is one of the most important things to consider when planning how to choose a wedding band . Watch, preferably, some live presentation.

If that’s not possible, almost all bands post videos on YouTube or Vimeo for their followers. Prepare a music session for yourself and visualize all the bands you can: there’s no way to choose a wedding band without first hearing it play.

These days the competition is brutal and musicians know it. Therefore, they use all available resources to close contracts and get new presentations. Take advantage of this factor and acquire all the information you can on the internet: performances, opinions, budgets, etc.

Make sure the band you’re considering has a website or a Facebook page to view their photos, videos of performances at other weddings, and testimonials from their clients.

These opinions are very relevant for you to be aware of the reactions and impressions of those who hired you on another occasion.

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6. Ask The Right Questions

When deciding how to choose a wedding band and contacting a potential hire, you should discuss whether you want the group to play before, during and after dinner, or throughout the entire party. This will even help to select the type of band and style of music that will be best for your party.

Know the availability of the band in question and its way of working. A good idea is to choose a band that can offer exclusivity (they don’t do more than one wedding a day).

Pricing is also another vital point to negotiate, as costs can vary considerably depending on the agreed hours or customer needs.

Values also depend on the date: the first four months of the year are the “low season” and, for this reason, prices tend to be lower.

7. Know The Difference Between Hiring A Band And A DJ

One of the elementary things you should consider when choosing how to choose a wedding band is that live bands are visually and audibly more impactful than a DJ, especially when there are a lot of party guests.

In terms of time, bands tend to have 3 breaks of 15 minutes each, unless customers want music all night long – which will certainly come at an extra cost.

An experienced group should have no problems with the repertoire unless you only choose a certain musical style, and should be able to play all the songs the couple requests, provided the songs are provided in advance, as mentioned.

A band, most of the time, includes guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and two vocalists (male and female). For greater impact, the ensemble could include a full session of trumpets, percussion, backing vocals and dancers.

8. Consider The Location Where The Wedding Will Take Place

As mentioned, the location of the wedding will decisively influence your task of knowing how to choose a wedding band.

If it’s in a house , for example, pay attention to the space needed for the musicians to play. In addition, there must be a light generator and, above all, consider that normally after 10 pm loud music is not allowed in residential areas.

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