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How to Plan a Beautiful Home Landscape



Having a green space at home can prevent mood disorders and provide a myriad of physical health benefits.

Of course, a half-dead yard landscape doesn’t invite anyone to spend time in it. It takes quite a bit of planning and grit to transform an outdoor space into a relaxing oasis.

If you want to make your outdoor space more welcoming, check out the guide to home landscape design below.

Make a Mood Board

Unless you are a professional landscape designer, starting from scratch is really difficult. Instead, go online and collect images of other landscapes that inspire you. Print them out and create an old-school mood board to see which landscape elements you want to include in your yard.

It’s also a good idea to begin a few different lists. Create lists for plant types, structures, etc. Begin to add what you like to each list.

Sketch the Space

Before you can begin designing, you need to know what you’re working with. What is the shape of your space? What are its dimensions? Use graph paper to sketch it out.

If you’re a tech-savvy person, consider uploading this sketch to special landscape design software like Home Outside, Garden Planner, or Realtime Landscaping Plus. If technology is not your strong suit, go here for some professional help.

How Will It Be Used?

Do you have children or pets? Do you enjoy hosting outdoor parties? The answers to these questions should influence your home landscape design.

If there will be children playing in the landscape, the design must be child-friendly. The design should consider children’s safety, avoid toxic plants, and place enclosures around water. The design should also consider the nature of children, with large open areas to run and play.

Features and Spaces

Just as a home has rooms, a yard should have distinct spaces. For example, there may be a pool space with recliner chairs, a BBQ and eating space with a table, or a relaxing space in a pergola.

There are many different types of features to be included in a landscape. These include lighting, decks, patios, paths, structures, or walls. There may also be other miscellaneous elements like a children’s play area or a garden shed.

Think About Themes

Choosing a theme can help you select design elements from the thousands of options out there. For example, a theme might be an Oriental garden or an English country cottage.

The best theme is one that is appropriate for your region. An English country cottage theme will not work well in a dry, desert climate like Arizona. Additionally, the architecture of your home may complement one particular theme more than others.

Executing Your Dream Home Landscape

Designing your dream home landscape is a time-consuming project that can be costly. However, it can also be fun. Make sure to take your time to enjoy executing this massive project, consulting friends or family along the way.

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