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How to Pick Winning Numbers for the Lottery



The largest US lottery jackpot win stands at a whopping $1.59 billion, and even winning a tiny fraction of this amount would be a life-changing amount for most people.

However, as the odds of winning the jackpot are not in your favor, many people look for new strategies to help them pick winning numbers. If this is a concept that appeals to you, we’ll give you a few great ideas that you can use when selecting your numbers in the hope of winning big.

Let’s dream about picking the winning lottery numbers using these techniques.

Use Statistics

While each lottery number stands the same chance of being drawn as any other, some numbers have come out more frequently. There is plenty of information online about how many times specific numbers have come out, and you could choose these digits in the hope that they will be drawn again.

If you’d like to know which numbers came out recently or check your ticket, you can find results here.

Use Your Favorite Numbers

If you like to use the same numbers for each draw, you could use numbers that you like or that have a special significance. For example, you could use your birthday, house number, or anniversary date.

Selecting numbers that are important to you also makes them easier to remember so you won’t have to write them down.

Choose Numbers Over 31

This may seem a strange strategy, but there is a logic behind it. As many lottery players like to use their birthdays, lots of people won’t use numbers above 31 as this is the maximum number of days in a month.

Although you will still stand the same chance of your numbers being drawn, it makes it less likely that other people will also have chosen the same digits. This could increase the likelihood of you not having to share your jackpot.

Pick Random Numbers for Each Draw

If you prefer to think there is no way to beat the odds, you could simply choose a random number selection. This is an ideal approach if you don’t intend to play each week as you won’t then feel obliged to buy a ticket with the same numbers for every draw in case that’s the week they come out.

Let the Lottery Machine Do the Work

For a more chilled-out approach, you could let a store’s lottery machine or an online number generator pick your numbers. This only takes a moment to do and you won’t have to think about your selection, making it a good choice for those who like to take a laissez-faire approach to their lottery picks.

Choose Your Favorite Strategies to Pick Winning Numbers

While there is no right or wrong way to pick winning numbers for the lottery, it can be fun to try out different strategies. Using statistical data may make you feel like you’ve got a better chance of winning while allowing a machine to choose can take away the pressure of selecting numbers.

If you dream of getting a bigger payout, choosing higher numbers might help, while going random is just as likely to result in a dream win as any other technique.

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