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How to Organize a Storage Unit for Hassle-Free Access



It often seems that adulthood is an exercise in accumulating things. No wonder people clamber for decluttering tips. The problem with something like the decluttering movement is that it assumes you can get rid of a lot.

While most people can probably offload some books, movies, or old clothes, many homes are full of things you plan on keeping long-term. Think of things like heirlooms or a second set of nice china.

If you can’t declutter it, a storage unit is often the only alternative. This raises the problem of how to organize a storage unit for easy access. Keep reading for some tips that will enhance your storage unit organization.

Size Your Unit Appropriately

When renting a storage unit from a place like, give serious thought to how much room you get with different size units. Sure, you can potentially cram everything into a 5’x5′ unit, but maybe only by packing it wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Do it that way and you wave goodbye to everything in the back half of the unit until you empty it out.

That could mean years without access to those belongings. If you want to get at those objects, consider getting a larger unit. That gives you some wiggle room in terms of leaving a path open to the back of the unit.

Use Clear Containers

When packing a storage unit, it’s not just about what you pack in there, but the containers you use to pack items. Keep in mind that you probably won’t look at many of those things frequently. Just because you know what’s in what box now, it doesn’t mean you will in a year.

Clear containers let you see what’s inside without having to cut through the tape on boxes. For added insurance, create an inventory list with a reference system like numbers on boxes or containers.

Frequent Use Items to the Front

Another element of how to pack a storage unit is that things you think you’ll use on regular basis should go toward the front. Got some tools that you use every couple of months? Those should end up near the front so you can get to them with ease.

Have some furniture you don’t expect you’ll need until you buy a new house? You should disassemble it as much as possible, then put it in the back. Also, make sure heavy items go on the bottom for more stable stacking.

How to Organize a Storage Unit? Thoughtfully

When considering how to organize a storage unit, you should spend some time thinking about it. Think about what’s going in the storage unit. Think about when or how often you’ll want access to those things.

You should consider how tight the quarters will become once you put things in the unit. All of this thinking in advance helps you organize your unit for maximum utility.

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