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How to Master Trigger Speed and Accuracy



Master Trigger

Did you know that about 4 out of 10 American adults own a gun?

The number one reason why people purchase a gun is for their personal protection. However, protection goes beyond owning a gun. One should be able to use it with accuracy to ensure that they don’t miss their target when the time arises.

As such, it’s important to master trigger pull. Keep reading for some tips that you can use to achieve accurate and speedy trigger pull!

Improve Trigger Pull Manipulation

Before we continue, you must remember that trigger pull is the force exerted on the trigger. This force makes the sear release or gets the valve to open and fire.

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There’s a common belief that the lightest trigger pull is the best. However, that is always not the case, as other factors affect the speed and accuracy of trigger pull. One important factor is your ability to manipulate trigger pull, including your firm grip and finger isolation.


Limp writing occurs when the bottom frame of the gun can’t withstand the recoil and moves along with the top slide. When this happens, you won’t be able to hit your target. You’ll also find it hard to put on rapid follow-up shots.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to develop your grip. A firm grip enables you to control the recoil and keep the muzzle on your chosen target.

Finger Isolation

Meanwhile, finder isolation refers to your ability to move your trigger finger without involving your other fingers. For example, when you press down on the trigger, your four other fingers shouldn’t tense and move the gun the wrong way. This often results in the gun moving slightly downward, which lessens accuracy.

Experts suggest that shooters must minimize the tension and movement in their other fingers. You can level up the dry firing drill to practice. Assign someone to place a spent casing at the end of your gun.

Make sure that the casing won’t fall off when you pull the trigger. This level-up version improves grip, finger isolation, and balance.

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Enhance Your Ability to Anticipate Shots

While it’s normal for first-time shooters to get surprised when the gun fires off, the experience should wane off. As such, invest in gaining experience by completing drills. This way, you can avoid involuntarily moving the gun, which can make you miss your target.

A great practice drill that will help improve your trigger pull speed and accuracy is dry firing. Set up a target and exercise dry firing over and over until you notice improvements on your Glock trigger pull.

Take Advantage of Trigger Tools

Aside from these, there are also available tools that you can use to ensure trigger pull accuracy. In addition, buying high quality Geissele accessories can help ensure an accurate and speedy pull and release trigger movement.

Trigger pull scale, for instance, tests and measures your trigger pull weight. This allows you to adjust your trigger as close to the measured pull weight as possible.

As a result, not only can you shoot with speed and accuracy but also have a safe performance. It also allows efficient and effective repeatability.

Improve Your Trigger Pull Today

As a bonus, know that proper stance can also affect your trigger pull performance. This is because your stance helps with balance and recoil.

Congratulations! You’re now one step closer to achieving a speedy and accurate trigger pull.

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