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How To Lift Your Picnic Game – The Drinks You Need For Afternoons In The Sun



As we make the most of the remaining summer days and long evenings, it means more time for those all-important drinking moments. Flocking to a beer garden when the sun is out is understandable, but on a warm, balmy day, nothing beats the ease of a picnic in the park and sipping on your favorite tipples with friends.

The most important question is, what are you sipping on? With picnics being a staple over the last few months, beer and wine just won’t cut it anymore. And who wants sticky bottles and cups in their picnic bag? It’s all about having the best canned cocktails my friend! We’re sharing the drinks you need to lift your picnic game below.

Pineapple Rum Daiquiri

Your picnic basket or esky won’t know what’s hit it with this liquid enigma. The delicious pineapple rum daiquiri from the masterminds at Curatif has something for everyone. Packed with sweetness, beauty and just a hint of danger for good measure, this cocktail will put a pep in your picnic step. Traditional methods meet modern ingredients for this classic cocktail and the drink is elegantly developed by infusing the barks of Victoria pineapples in Plantation 3 Star rum, which is further distilled in Ferrand Copper Pot Stills all while the pineapple fruit is infused in Plantation Original Dark rum.

Finally, both distillate and fruit infusion are blended together, creating a rich and delicious pineapple bouquet! This staggeringly delicious rum is then matched to the crisp, acid sweet profile of Australian central coast limes, all of which is balanced to perfection by locally prepared agave syrup and Australian pressed cane sugar. The result? A tropical treat that will have your tastebuds exploding!

Plantation Rum Hurricane

Why not make things interesting and add a little hurricane to your sunny afternoon? The cocktail legends at Curatif have a drink that will give other picnic tipples a ‘rum’ for their money. Real fruit (always) in this amazing little cocktail means there is a delightful amount of intriguing texture that is gone as quickly as it appeared.

Underneath this drink’s surface, is the bright, freshness of the Plantation 3 Star brought to life with the pineapple and caramel notes of the Plantation Original Dark, all balanced to perfection with the light acidity of fresh lemon juice. It’s safe to say that Curatif has created a party in a can! This cocktail was first created in 1940s New Orleans and pays homage to the vibrant lifestyle of the famous Bourbon Street, sound about right?

Tommy’s Margarita

Rain, hail or shine, your picnic will always be a success with a Curatif Tommy’s Margarita in hand. Sometimes the tastiest drinks are the simplest, and a Tommy’s Margarita is the perfect example of quality over quantity. With the only ingredients being tequila, lime juice and agave syrup, it’s a cocktail that can be whipped up easily but can go wrong, very wrong. To do a classic cocktail justice, Curatif teamed up with the tequila trailblazers at Tequila Tromba in Mexico to bring you the best margarita in (and out) of a can. Using carefully sourced Australian Central Coast limes and real syrup straight from the Agave plants of Mexico, Curatif has put an authentic spin on a signature staple that certainly packs a punch!

Curatif Amaretto Sour

The latest release from Curatif, the Amaretto Sour is a statement cocktail. Born through a collaboration between Curatif and Melbourne’s famous Bar Bambi, this cocktail is a showstopper, get ready for it to dominate your picnic. ​​The first sip is mouth-filling almond, chased by a perfectly lip-pursing lemon sour complimented by a comforting sweetness that sweeps the palate in a wave of familiarity. The combination of creamy, sweet and sour is blissfully balanced and playfully poised. A perfect for pairing with your cheese and charcuterie boards (because no picnic is complete without a cheeseboard and a cocktail).

Curatif Espresso Martini

It’s always nice to catch up with friends over a coffee, but even better when your coffee has a kick to it. Get moving and shaking with the Curatif Espresso Martini, a signature cocktail perfect for those sunny afternoons. Using only the best vodka from Archie Rose one of Australia’s most distinguished craft distilleries, the drink combines ethically sourced Seven Seeds coffee beans, to bring you a brew full of frothy goodness. Once you try this espresso martini, there’s no going back, you’ll be keen ‘bean’ for more.

Mai Tai

Want to lift your picnic vibe by adding a theme? How about turning it into your makeshift Tiki bar? Bring the tropics to the local park by sipping on a delicious Trader Vic’s Mai Tai from Curatif. Created in collaboration with Sydney’s highly awarded Jacoby’s Tiki Bar, this canned cocktail has lots of mouth-watering moving parts. Blended aged and unaged rums, bringing with them characters of caramel, oak, heat, and molasses.

The dry and complex bitter orange tones of Ferrand Dry Curacao elevate the heat and develop the foundations of the citrus flavours that are compounded by the tart acidity of Australian limes. All of which is brought gently to balance by the charming tones of Crawley’s Orgeat syrup, characterised by its nutty almond elegance and petite spice. Of course, this creation wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Angostura Bitters to carefully bevel the sweet elements.

Ready to up your picnic game? If you’re interested in stocking up or trying the best canned cocktails for the first time, head to

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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